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Super Cheap Holiday Ideas for a Strict Budget

Are you looking for ways to take your family on a holiday that does not throw your budget out the window? Learning to save just a little for a family holiday can lead to a great family holiday every year for as little as a couple hundred dollars. Learning to holiday on a budget is more about planning and research than anything else. Below are some great ways to have incredible fun with the family without the worry of a huge budget.

During the 2008 Global Recession the term “staycation” was coined to describe the phenomena that most Australians preferred to stay home for their vacations, rather than travel abroad. This idea has great merits for many people and allows for a much needed vacation. If you have vacation at work this is a great opportunity to plan a fun-filled week with your family. If you do not get actual holiday time, plan a long-weekend around a national holiday.

For a staycation; the whole idea is to enjoy the amenities in your own neighborhood, town or city that normally you cannot enjoy. Maybe a local museum or cultural institution that your family has never been to or taking in a local play at a theatre. With a wide range of cultural activities from kid’s theatres, junior orchestras and more, these younger audience shows usually come with a much lower price tag.

If you love the outdoors, a camping trip can offer one of the best and cheapest options locally over any other type of holiday. Local camp grounds or conservation areas often offer discounts at the beginning or end of prime seasons. Local vacations offer the ability to explore your local area and spend as little on lodging and transportation but allow you to enjoy activities you normally cannot afford. Here are some local activities to think about around the home.

Regional Gems
Every two or three years if you are conscientious in your saving, you could branch out to a regional vacation; such as going to a large city or regional tourist destination near you such as Port Stephens north of Sydney, Phillip Island south of Melbourne, or Kangaroo Island near Adelaide. These are some of the more popular places to holiday, among others, and they may be pretty close to you. For lodging, look for campgrounds nearby, friends or relatives in the area or home rentals available online. Going for a weekend makes these trips affordable, especially if you can keep your lodging to under $60 a night.

Research your destination and make sure that you are going at an off-peak time in order to affect savings in lodgings, food and attractions. During these times there are often more coupons and discounts available. Renting out another person’s home is best for a family as you can shop for groceries and cook your own meals ensuring that you spend only what you normally would if you were at home. For transportation, stick to mass transit as much as possible and staying as close to your attractions will lower these costs.

Even on a low income these vacations are possible with effective saving and proper planning. Even enjoy luxury holidays on the cheap by following some great tips on how to take advantage of low seasons.

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  1. November 24, 2016 at 1:06 am — Reply

    Who says travelling can’t be cheap? There are alot of deals and ways where you can save money and enjoy the place.

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