The Most Emblematic Trains

Life is just as much about the journey as it involves the destination. This is why many holidays are defined by the travel experience that you can expect to enjoy along the way.

Trains exhibit a unique sense of romance that is unparalleled when compared to other modes of travel such as automobiles and aeroplanes.

In fact, some of these, such as the Orient Express, have been the centre of novels due to their opulent art deco glamour and unique character.

But what are some of the most unforgettable and emblematic train journeys in existence? What are some of the features that each has to offer and why could they represent the ideal way to travel the world in style? Apart from reading this article, we also recommend taking a look at this great infographic about interesting train journeys by InsureandGo. Now though, let’s look at a handful of examples when answering this question.

The Trans-Siberian Railway
Spanning a distance of 9.282 kilometres, the Trans-Siberian Railway is currently the longest passenger train route in the world. While it can be argued that the train carriages themselves are not as opulent when compared to some other carriers, the history of the Trans-Siberian Railway speaks for itself. The route was carved out more than 100 years ago and its construction relied heavily upon slave labour.

Before the railway was completed, it was nearly impossible to travel throughout the barren Siberian landscape. The efforts of countless individuals literally helped to link the western portion of Russia to the eastern shores of the Pacific Ocean. Passengers can still experience the quaint nature of the journey thanks to period-accurate carriages and the presence of traditional food sellers at nearly every stop.

The Express East Railway
The Express East Railway is considered to be the most luxurious in Asia and it attracts millions of passengers every year. Many passengers will attest to this fact, as nearly every need is catered to along the way. The trains themselves are known for their gold-and-green design; branding which has served to define the entire line over the years. It is interesting to note that the Express East Railway and the Orient Express are often confused with one another and yet, the routes are different while the amenities may vary slightly.

Above all, travellers can expect to enjoy an interesting mixture of the ancient and the modern. Cosmopolitan cities are quickly replaced by timeless jungles and towering mountains. This only serves to add to the ethereal nature of the entire experience. Fine dining, large observation windows, extremely comfortable seats, wireless Internet (in some location) and private sleeping cars are all included. Journeys can take up to seven days to complete and you will enjoy every mile of track along the way.

The Orient Express
There is no doubt that the Orient Express is by far the most emblematic train within this article. Borne out of the necessity to link Eastern Europe with its larger western cities, the utilitarian nature of this train line is now far exceeded by its sense of history and lore. If you wish, you can begin your journey in London and remain on board until you arrive at Istanbul, Turkey.

In other words, this train spans the entire European continent and three separate routes are available. This train line is so famous that it has been featured in many fictional works including Dracula, From Russia with Love and naturally, Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. Whether you are a fan of history or you simply want to experience Europe while being enveloped within unsurpassed levels of elegance, the Orient Express is an excellent choice to keep in mind.

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