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5 Cost-Effective Lighting Solutions

Going green and sustainability are no longer just buzzwords that conjure up images of expensive ways to both save the Earth and a little money in electricity at the end of the month. This movement to more responsibly use the Earth’s resources has become so ingrained in the public imagination that products that were once made for an esoteric group of planet-conscious consumers are now commonplace, with lighting being one major example. Lighting solutions have so advanced in the last couple of years to the point that the incandescent bulbs of the past have been eclipsed by versions that last longer while also using less energy. Manufacturers have discovered ways to allow consumers to more efficiently use light. Today’s lighting solutions have made it possible for consumers to light their homes more efficiently while saving a little money too. Continue reading to learn more about contemporary energy efficient lighting solutions and how they can save you money.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

One of the newer forms of lighting a home is through LED light technology. LEDs work by using semiconductors to convert electricity to light. Initially used in traffic lights, the technology has been used in lighting both commercial and residential properties. The major benefit of this type of lighting is that it is one of the longer lasting bulbs, and they are more durable. The cost of LED bulbs has decreased considerably making them more accessible to consumers of all budgets.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

CFL lights are similar to the ones that you might find in the kitchen, office, or garage, except they are uniquely shaped. The most common ones are curly shaped while others are more oblong. The major benefit of this particular bulb is that it does translate into savings in the long term and uses a third of the energy that halogen lights consume. These lights also come in a variety of light colours from very yellow to white and can be controlled by dimmers.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches allow for homeowners to control just how much light is emitted. As to avoid bright lights that can be equally distracting, these controls can be installed throughout the home, so that you can control the intensity of light that comes into the room. Again, it is one way to effectively use light while saving energy and the costs that come along with energy use.

Motion Sensors

Another way to reduce the amount of lighting used in both the interior and exterior of the home is to invest in motion sensors. On the exterior of the home, motion sensors are added protection from home invasion in that they can be used at night when homeowners return in the dark. The lights sense motion and illuminate the area, so homeowners can easily let themselves in when arriving home after dark. Garages also use this technology by turning on when anyone walks into the garage, improving home security.

In the home itself, it can reduce the amount of wasted electricity by automatically shutting off lights when no one is in the room. You end up saving yourself wasted energy in not having to nag younger family members to turn off lights while also saving energy and money.

Solar Lighting

Installing solar panels in the position that receives the most sunlight on the exterior of the home can help harness sunlight energy to light your home. Solar light is one of the best eco-friendly ways to fuel energy in the home because it draws on a natural resource to create energy. While the initial investment is expensive, the savings generated in the long run will make it worthwhile. You can also install stand-alone solar-powered lights in your garden and other outdoor areas.

Harnessing Light Energy

Access to light is a necessity for most living creatures on earth since the beginning of time. Today’s inventions allow users to harness energy to create light in a way that increasingly lowers the impact on the environment. An added benefit is the savings passed on to the consumer.

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    May 7, 2019 at 7:35 am — Reply

    Thanks for the tips! I think switching to LED lighting is the best thing one can do to cut down energy bills. The great thing is that Australian government is making LED lighting products more accessible to all the consumers in the country by replacing them for free and for minimum cost.

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