Benefits of Professional Printing for Small Biz

With photocopiers and desktop publishing software a staple for most businesses it’s tempting to think all printing can be done in-house at the push of a button.

But make no mistake – choosing to print your own stationery, mock up your own business cards and push out your own bulk documents is costing you time, money and a professional image.

Sometimes it pays to call in the experts. When it comes to professional printing, these are just some of the benefits!


Whether you’re a local law firm, a nation-wide business or a city accountant, chances are you will have standard stationery such as business cards, letterheads, and envelopes. Having these printed by professional print shops is a far cheaper option than utilising your printer or photocopier. If you’ve ever purchased print cartridges for your photocopier or printer then you will know the price quickly mounts up.

The same goes for bulk company documents such as procedure manuals and training materials where you tend to be printing large numbers of pages, and often in colour.

Professional businesses such as The Print Group
specialise in business stationery and also manuals, offering a fast turnaround, binding service and colour printing for your company documents – you can learn more about the types of services they offer on their this website.


With large-scale binding machines, collators and presses, printing companies also offer a speedier solution for your printing needs.

Where you might have a staff member tied up for days hole punching and collating manuals, a print shop can deliver your documents quickly and professionally in a short lead time. Professional printers are also set up to print en-masse, so if you are after a large scale print job there really is no better alternative than to have it done by the experts.

Most print shops also have in-house graphic design services that can quickly take care of your document’s layout, meaning they can take your document from concept to completed product within days, depending on how busy they are. What more could you ask for?


Whether you are after business cards with a little extra finesse such as embossing, engraving and gloss finishes or a letterhead that reflects the professional ethos of your company, professional printers really come into their own when you want a guaranteed quality finish.

From the initial graphic design of your logo to the boxed product at the end, a print shop’s expertise lies in consistently printing a well-designed image on a huge variety of paper or card.

Their skills also lie in colour selection, matching and the final cutting of your document, meaning your letterhead will look exactly the same on the 1400th copy as it did on the first, and will line up seamlessly each time.

As with any area of business, there are times when only an expert’s advice and knowledge will suffice. And while standard office machinery is certainly capable of printing, if you want the job done professionally only an expert printer will do.

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