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5 Different Ways to Earn Money at Home

With the entrepreneurial industry taking off over the past few years, more and more people are setting up shop from home. If you’re after the flexibility of a career from home but don’t know where to start, check out some of the great ideas below.

  1. Rent a Room

If you have the space, a great way to make money from home is to let it be someone else’s home too—not permanently of course! Companies such as Airbnb have taken off, with people all over the world opening their homes and spare bedrooms as affordable accommodation. If you’re going to do it though, do it properly. And the best way to do this, and achieve glowing references from guests, is to indulge them with a comfortable bed from a mattress specialist like Sleepy’s Express for the ultimate relaxation experience each night.

  1. Get Writing

Great content is always in high demand, and as content is often not needed 9–5, five days a week, many companies prefer to hire freelancers specifically during their high-demand periods. If you have a strong interest or expertise in a specific subject though, another avenue you could try is blogging. Look for blogging or freelancer sites to find out what the contract or hourly rates are.


  1. Executive Assistant

Yes, that’s right; you can be someone’s executive or personal assistant all from the comfort of your own home. More accurately, a ‘virtual’ assistant position from home is really only limited by your internet connection; as long as you can virtually connect with your client, then the sky is the limit. Whether it’s basic bookkeeping and scheduling or writing reports and inputting data, these jobs are practical and autonomous enough to be suited to a home environment.

  1. Marketing

Although you might cringe at the idea of becoming a telemarketer, it is actually an extremely flexible career option that will allow you to work from virtually anywhere. If you have a pleasant phone manner and are confident in sales and small talk, this could be the ideal career option, as many companies choose to out-source their telemarketing campaigns. Do a basic internet search to discover which companies are hiring home-based workers, and compare their hourly rates.

  1. Travel Consultant

Do you love to travel and want to share your knowledge? Then become a personal consultant and trip planner for other budding travellers. Trip planning is an enormous task, and can be very overwhelming for someone who has never travelled before. Providing a personalised travel service including booking and planning everything, as well as offering your own personal insights, could be a big income maker that is separate to the franchised travel companies.

In today’s society, earning money doesn’t have to be restricted to a generic office in a large building; technology now means money can be earnt anywhere. All you need is confidence, a great idea and dedication to a flexible schedule and environment—your at-home career will take off in no time!

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