3 Types of Breast Pumps New Moms Can Get for Free

If you are a new mom and are covered by health insurance, you likely know that you can get an approved breast pump for free. But figuring out which type is best for you isn’t necessarily easy. To help you understand that options that may be available, as well as how each one works, here is an overview of the three most common types of breast pumps that you can get for free.

  1. Manual Breast Pump

Manual breast pumps are fairly small and reasonably discrete, making them highly portable and suitable for a number of situations. These devices work through the proper application of suction and are powered entirely by the person using the pump.

Common operation includes using a handle, squeezing a level, or pumping a tube. Some manual breast pumps include a foot pedal, providing an alternative to traditionally hand-operated devices. Regardless of the source, these actions generate suction, similar how a baby extracts milk. As the breast milk is pumped, it is sent into an attached container for storage.

These breast pumps are considered easy to use and don’t require a power source. This means they can be used almost any time and anywhere, even when you are out and about.


  1. Electric Breast Pump

Electric breast pumps require a power source to create the suction necessary to extract milk. Normally, an included cord can be plugged into a nearby power outlet, though some also offer battery-operated capabilities.

These breast pumps can extract milk more quickly than a manual pump, making them an ideal solution for new moms who have to return to work or school but still want to provide their child with breast milk. The speed makes it easier to complete the task during short breaks and can leave a hand free for other tasks.

Unlike manual breast pumps, electric versions large and significantly less discrete. Additionally, they may not be convenient to carry around when on the go.

  1. Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Hospital grade breast pumps are generally for use in medical facilities only. These are highly powerful devices and can help in situations where the baby is having difficulties latching on to feed. They can also help new moms who are having issues regarding milk production. The high level of suction can help stimulate breast milk production and may lead to higher output.

Breast pumps that are approved as hospital grade are safe for multiple users as safety barriers are in place to prevent cross contamination. However, each mom does need to use their own collection kit to keep conditions sanitary.

These breast pumps are quite large and fairly heavy, making them very difficult to transport when compared to manual or electric options.

Getting a Free Breast Pump
Normally, if you are getting a free breast pump through your health insurance company, you will need a prescription for the specific type of breast pump you will need. These can be acquired from medical providers who are approved to provide the prescription by your specific insurer. If you choose a model or type that has not been prescribed to you, you may be required to pay out of pocket for the device and might not receive any reimbursement funds. With that in mind, it is important to discuss the options with a medical professional to make sure the prescription includes the best device to suit your and your child’s needs.

Learn more about getting free breastfeeding assistance from your local government body.

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