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Scenic Exchange – Tips For Moving to a New State

Moving is always a mixed bag, on one hand it is a great adventure but on the other hand it is hard to say goodbye and this can mean that it is a very stressful time. This is even more true when you are moving interstate. Here are some tips we came up with emphasise the adventure and hopefully minimise stress.

Make a WHOLE New Start
A new house isn’t the only thing that needs to change.

Why not amp up the experience and upgrade your car and yourself to something you have always wanted? No one knows you where you are going, so embrace the change and become whatever you want to be. Chances are you’ll need some new furniture and some different clothes to better suit the new house and climate, so just let CarsCo Australia find you a new car to go with your new life!

Get A Trustworthy Mover
You and your things are delicate and they need to go a long way while still arriving in tact, so pack everything carefully and safely and hire a mover that will be responsible with all your worldly possessions and compensate you properly if anything should get damaged or broken in the moving process.

Budget Thoroughly
Moving interstate is a huge undertaking and as such an expensive one.

You do not want to be caught short whilst you are still settling in so you need to make a really thorough budget that has room for any unexpected costs that tend to pop up when they are least welcome.

Inventory Everything
It is virtually impossible to remember everything you are packing, how it is packed and where you will find it. So, unless you have a memory chip inside your brain, you should make a detailed list about what is where. This way you can unpack systematically and know immediately if anything has been lost or left behind.      

Keep a Bag of Emergency Supplies and the Things You Will Need Right Away
There is almost no way of guaranteeing when your things will arrive and unless you are extremely lucky it will almost certainly not be the same day you do. This means you will need to have access to your  everyday essentials and an emergency kit.

Sell and Donate all of the Things That are Non-Essential
When you are moving a long distance away, the more things you take the more expensive it will be and the longer it will take to be settled at home. Before you leave, everything that is in good condition but isn’t going to make the move with you needs to donated or sold.

Clean First
Before you even start to think about unpacking, give your new place a good clean.

The reason you do it first is because your things will be cluttered and everywhere while you are getting organized and settling in. It will be hard to clean for a while and might be quite an intimidating thing to attempt before most of your things find their place. You should also give your furniture a quick dust before it goes inside because, in all likelihood, it will have gotten dirty in the move.

Moving interstate is scary and stressful but if you follow these steps you will be a little better off. Remember that life is an adventure and any excuse for a fresh start is a good one, so enjoy your sea change and try to enjoy the ride. Let yourself be excited and trust that everything will be fine.

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