Party Project Planning – 5 Tips For Putting On a Shindig to Remember

Many of us can get overwhelmed at the thought of throwing a party.

There are so many things to think about such as the guest list, catering, the venue and what you’re going to wear. But putting a little thought into your next party can make the big event so much more enjoyable and virtually stress-free. The key to throwing a great party is preparation. You can’t expect to host the party of the year without putting in the hours beforehand.

We spoke to the team at Snappy Photobooths to find out their top 5 tips for throwing a shindig to remember.

  1. Opt for a self-serve bar

Having an area where your guests can help themselves to drinks takes the pressure off you during the party. A self-service bar is a really relaxed way of looking after your guests and making them feel right at home no matter which venue you have chosen for the event.

When choosing which drinks to offer at your next event, it’s important to consider who you have invited to the party. If there is going to be families attending with small children you should provide a variety of soft drinks that both adult and children can enjoy. Non-alcoholic ‘Mocktails’ are also a great choice is looking for family friendly drink options that have the wow factor.

  1. Prepare the perfect playlist

There’s no better way to get people in the mood to party than a great playlist.

Depending on the mood you’re going for choose tunes that will make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Your chosen playlist can also fill in any awkward silences at the beginning of the night.

Volume is also important.

Set the volume so that the music is loud enough for people to speak, laugh and enjoy themselves freely without feeling self-conscious but not that loud that conversations are hard to hear.

  1. Strategic placement of Party Snacks

Having party food and snacks placed on communal tables around the venue is a great way of encouraging your guests to mingle. Instead of laying the food out in a corner or separate room make your food display a key feature of the party.

  1. Add Ambience

The atmosphere and ambience of the room are just as important as the food and music and can really make your party stand out from the rest. Candles, fairy lights, disco lights or soft lighting can make all the difference and enhance the look and feel of the venue.

The smell can also play a vital role, so make sure to consider your chosen mood or theme and try to get some suitable scents going. Fresh flowers are an excellent way of adding beautiful scents to the venue whilst making the place look fantastic.

  1. Make sure to arrange a clean-up crew

The last thing you should be thinking about during your party is the mess you’re going to have to deal with afterwards. The simplest solution to this problem is to think ahead and arrange a cleaning service beforehand. Knowing that the aftermath will be taken care of by professionals will make hosting less stressful allowing you to fully relax.

Last but certainly not least is to remember to enjoy yourself.

Throwing a party should be as fun for you as it is for all of your guests, so make sure you make the most of all of your preparation and hard work. Take time to speak to all of the wonderful people you have chosen to invite, help yourself to a drink and let your hair down.

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