When to Buy a Boat and Save Big

With summer ending, now is a great time to start thinking about and preparing for a potential boat purchase. With the end of the boating season come bargains from both private sellers and dealerships. If you have been looking to get into a boat during the spring and summer but felt prices were just a bit outside of your budget, autumn and winter is your best chance of getting that boat at a discount.

As with anything, timing can play a considerable force on a bad, fair or great deal. A few of the beneficial factors for cheaper deals in the winter include different dealers clearing stock to make way for newer models. Boat shows and exhibitions are on as they show off new season boats and try to get pre-orders. Then there are the private sellers who just wanted to get one more season out of their boat before selling.

These general influences help purchasers get a better deal during the colder months. Buyers who want to compound potential savings should also get low rate financing and shopping around for the best marine finance will go a long way. When purchasing any large ticket item, the two big areas of savings comes from the purchase price of the item and the cost of borrowing with the financing.

Always remember negotiating is in your best interest when haggling over the price of the boat and when dealing with finance companies for a loan. A few more tips to save big when purchasing a boat include:

Consider looking for your boat out of city and potentially out of state. You may be able to get the same boat you want in NSW for 15 to 20% cheaper in QLD and vice versa.

The same goes with your financing, consider local lenders but also look at national lenders, which may have better deals, use finance websites and consider boat loan specialist that only deal in asset finance.

These days the internet makes looking for and applying for things convenient, quick and easy. Use these tips and secure that boat you’ve been waiting for at the lowest possible price!

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