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4 Handy Tips For Job Hunters

Job hunting can be quite a stressful and time-consuming exercise. Very few people actually enjoy it. Unfortunately, unless you have job offers falling from the sky and into your lap, it’s simply something you must do to find employment. With the right knowledge to back you up, you may find seeking work isn’t necessarily the nightmare people think it is. Here are four handy tips to help you along this journey and hopefully secure a job sooner.

1. Join An Agency

There are many ways in which a recruitment agency such as Chandler Macleod can benefit you during the job hunt. An agency can help you discover a larger range of work opportunities, offer you advice about wages and salaries, and give you an invaluable support system during the often-trialling process of looking for work. For some people, the most helpful part of joining an agency is the time they save in only having to complete a single application rather than doing so for every single potential employer.

2. Your Cover Letter Should Not Regurgitate Your Resume

A common belief about cover letters is that they are simply differently written versions of resumes. However, an application will rarely be successful with this simplistic approach to writing your cover letter. This document is your chance to show the hiring manager:

• You have understood the criteria required
• You have the specific skillset they need
• You are genuinely interested in being part of their organisation.

Instead of rewriting the work experience list from your resume, select one or two specific prior roles that relate to the position you are applying for and write in detail about how these have equipped you for the job.

3. There Are No ‘Failed Interviews’, Only Opportunities To Improve

When an interview goes badly (and yes, we all have these experiences), it’s easy to walk away feeling disappointed and miserable. But try to skip through the self-pity stage as quickly as you can so that you can objectively reflect on what your shortcomings or mistakes were. Doing so will help you be better prepared for the next interview you secure. No matter the outcome, every job application is an opportunity to develop and fine-tune your professional skills.

4. Clean Up Your Social Media

Businesses will often browse the social media profiles of candidates when looking to fill a job. This is because modern companies realise that Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and Instagram accounts can provide an insight into what a person is really like. Even though you might disagree (after all, the photos you post online are just one aspect of your personality), it is worthwhile doing a superficial clean-up of your online presence for the benefit of potential hirers. This might mean deleting unflattering pics from bars and removing any rude jokes that friends have posted on your wall, for example. You may also like to spend some time polishing your LinkedIn profile.

Do you have any secret hints or favourite tips that have helped you secure interviews and land great jobs in the past? Don’t be shy – share them with other job seekers in the comments below!

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