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Preparing Your Property For The Market

Australians that are seeking to get a slice of the profit pie offered by the property market has gained more intrigue for people that have the desire to break free from the rat race. Years ago, Australians were introduced to wealth creation gurus such as Robert Kiyosaki, the Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Australia’s Noel Whittaker. Majority of Australians want to gain their share of equity profits that is available to property owners in the Australian market. Through property seminars, books and television shows, Australians have been shown different ways to create wealth and the prime focus has been through getting properties ready for the market. Successful property owners have been fortunate to fetch an average of $200,000+ in equity profits off the back of the enhancements to their property. Below are a few ways how any Australian with a property can prepare their property for the market and fetch higher profits.

Cosmetic makeovers.
Investing in a cosmetic makeover in the home can tap into the emotional desires of potential buyers. If you are selling your property to the homeowner and occupiers market, you can reap higher profits by selling them their dream home.

A good paint job in the home can transform and re-energise the home. Aim to enhance the vibrancy of the rooms with bold solid colours or hues. The freshly painted rooms will make the home look new, clean, updated and give the home an added sense of value.

Interior design.
Get inspired with the interior design aspects that can enhance the home. Look for ideas across design blogs, interior design magazines or on Pinterest. Consider the use of modern interior design themes that represent natural colours or metallic elements.

Change the dynamic of your outdoor home by installing Ziptrak blinds.
Ziptrak blinds that are installed in your backyard outdoor area can create the sense of an extension of rooms in the home. It is a great way to create the feeling of an additional indoor space while still being able to get exposed to some of the outdoor elements. Companies specialising in Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne are available for hire and can fulfil installation requirements on the property.

Maintain the home’s landscape.
While it doesn’t usually provide a strong equity appeal, it does help to improve the visual appeal of the property and sell the dream. If you are to put two homes side by side and you have the choice between one with a well-manicured garden and another where the garden clearly hasn’t been looked after, you will place more value on the garden that has been tended to.

If you can, add another bedroom.
You will need to check with your local council in regards to property developments that you can make. Should you acquire the necessary permissions, you can change the dimensions of your home to accommodate for more bedrooms. The addition of bedrooms for homeowners and landlords is that there will be more opportunity to increase their property equity. For landlords, the rental valuation will increase, as they will be able to charge more for the property to future tenants.

Enhance the look and feel of the bathroom.
Create the illusion of a dream like bathroom with tiles, mirrors, good lighting and the perfect bathing suites. The dream bathroom should evoke the feeling of going into a spa retreat. Invest in a Jacuzzi if you can. Install beautiful tiles across the floor. Ensure that you let in as much natural light as possible with large windows or skylights. If possible, allow the windows to provide views that offer a sense of escape. Ensure that there is pleasant artificial lighting to create a bright, yet relaxing atmosphere.

These home enhancement options can greatly improve the valuation and equity in your property. In a sellers market, these simple tips can net tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profits. Prepare your home well for the market and reap the rewards.

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