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Tips To Make Your Home Insect Free

An insect free home is corollary to healthy living. Insects, specifically, ants, termites and bed bugs can turn your dream home into a nightmare. These nasty creatures eat into your woodwork and costly garments, interfere with sound sleep and invade food and other items. A source of constant irritation; bug activities impact not only your lifestyle, but your state of mind. Getting rid of insects can be quite challenging, so let’s look at how to keep them away in the first place.

Keep Your Home Clean, Hygienic
Just like human beings, insects need food and favourable environments to flourish. This is the very point you can focus on to get rid of insects. Just by focusing on cleaning, home maintenance and housekeeping works, you can easily stop insects from taking over your home. Prevent insects and spider from entering and eliminate their habitat by doing sweeping daily. By cleaning your house you make it inhospitable for bugs.

Stop Entry of Bugs
Install mesh screens on doors and windows and seal utility lines and appliance vents to prevent entry of insects. Use foam products to seal caulk crevices. Fill up tiny gaps around vents through which gas, telephone and TV lines pass. Add tight-fitting thresholds to bottom of doors so that no bug can get through. Check out for any crack in the exterior walls that may be used as a safe hide for insects. The attics and crawl spaces should be covered in vents to stop mice, racoons and birds from making home there. These nests are potential storehouse of insects.

When coming back from a tropical holiday, be sure to unpack outside of the home or check your luggage carefully for bed bugs or other nasty insects – you do not want to get an infestation of these nasty guys.

Eliminate Indoor Humidity
Humid environments inside your home allow insects to thrive. Fix all possible leakages to eliminate moisture. Allow ample lighting and circulation of air inside. Have a good drainage system installed to avoid accumulation of water. Dry and heat your beds, kitchen pipes, bathrooms, stored clothes and basement at regular intervals.  Never leave garbage inside of your home longer than a day. Dispose of it more frequently if full.

Keep Your Kitchen Uncluttered
Your kitchen is the place where bugs normally originate and thrive due to the presence of food and water. Keep it uncluttered and organized. Clean it every day and sweep the floor. Stop any water leakage or holes in the walls. Wash and wipe up utensils and never leave them in the sink for long. Ensure all appliances are cleaned and kept orderly. Keep food air tight, sealed up in containers and immediately dispose of food scraps.

Take Care of Pets and Surroundings
Ensure your pets remain bug free. Their skin, waste and food dishes are potential homes of ants and other bugs. By keeping these things clean, you can prevent bugs. Similarly, keep plants inside and in the immediate surrounding insect free. Use pesticides to make your garden bug free. Prune trees and shrubs at regular intervals and clear mulch and leaf litter from your yard. Never allow the accumulation of any organic waste that may harbour insects.

It is not always possible to prevent entry of insects to your house completely. But with the implementation of the above mentioned methods over a period of time, you can stop the invasion of insects and eliminate bugs. Once the environment becomes unfavourable to them, you will see a considerable decrease. Before you know it you can achieve a home free from bugs.

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