3 Ways to Be More Productive in the Kitchen

Being more efficient in the kitchen is like becoming really, really good at juggling. It’s all about knowing your tools, your ingredients, and your abilities. These facets can all be combined in different ways to make time spent in the kitchen a much more rewarding and fruitful experience.

Here are just a few ways you can become more efficient.

1. Upgrade Your Oven

You’d be surprised by the number of people who have ailing, inefficient ovens and just don’t know it. A good oven should be able to make short work of even the hardiest roast after a bit of preheating. Make sure your oven is a convection model rather than a radiant model; this ensures a more even, thorough cook. Make sure it has a reliable Sabbath Mode (i.e. a “Keep Warm” feature). Glass doors are a must. Be thorough in your research when it comes to kitchen ovens – use sites for manufacturers like Asko Appliances to get a better idea of features, prices, and dimensions before you commit to buying anything.

2. Learn How to Use a Knife

So many people don’t know how to properly hold a knife when doing meal prep. This small piece of information will make getting through the preparation stage of cooking much faster and easier. Many novices find the proper way to grip a knife a bit uncomfortable at first, but it provides much better control over the blade. Pinch the blade where it connects to the handle between your index finger and thumb. Place your middle and ring finger behind the knife’s bolster. Finally, your pinkie grips the knife handle. Now watch your chopping speed increase.

3. Tidy Up on the Fly

Cleaning as you go is an absolute must in any efficient kitchen. It means less washing up once the meal is completed, it means implements, pots and pans are available for others to use should they need to, and it keeps your prep area free of clutter and distractions, which, in turn, minimises stress and the likelihood of making a mistake or overcooking something. It’s also a sensible and productive way to pass the time while you wait for something to come to the boil, simmer down or cook properly.

As mentioned previously, there are many different ways to become more efficient in the kitchen – these are just three of them. Learn the proper way to hold your vegetables as you chop them so that you can chop even faster and avoid cutting your fingers. Learn the value of laying out all your ingredients in their proper measurements before you start cooking to really maximise your cooking time. Always be on the lookout for a specialty utensil that could make short work of an especially arduous task. Ultimately, though, there’s a lot to be said for experience. As you become a better cook, you’ll become a faster, smarter one, and you’ll come to know where you can take a shortcut or stick it out. How have you made yourself more productive in the kitchen? Share your tips in the comments.


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