Wedding Bells – 5 Secrets to the Perfect Wedding Reception

Congratulations! You are tying the knot! Now the planning starts. There are so many options to consider!. You could choose an intimate pop-up wedding, an overseas extravaganza, a barefoot beachside affair or a black-tie ballroom event. Whatever you decide, there are five key elements that are essential to putting on the perfect wedding reception:

Consider Dietary Requirements
Good food is one of the most essential pieces of the puzzle when it comes to throwing any great party, and a wedding is no exception. You don’t want your guests leaving the party hungry and having to stop in at McDonald’s on the way home.

Make sure you check your guests’ dietary requirements as part of the RSVP process and figure out your ideal food option. Then, ask your friends for recommendations. Whether your looking for the finest vegan catering in Melbourne, the perfect gluten free options in Sydney or the ultimate breakfast buffet chefs in Alice Springs, with a bit of keg work you’ll be able to ensure that every one of your guests feels cared for and has a night to remember.

Choose the Right Music
If you want guests to bust a move on the dance floor, it is important to choose songs that will appeal to your entire crowd, from the teenagers to the grandparents. It is easy to get caught up selecting music that is nostalgic and meaningful to you and your fiancé. While this is definitely important, you need to integrate it in and around the crowd favorites. If you hire a competent DJ, they should do this for you. However, generally speaking it is advisable to give them a bit of direction. Music is also an excellent way to set the mood while people arrive, throughout the ceremony and during dinner service.

Don’t Leave Guests Waiting Around
There is nothing worse than being left hungry and thirsty for five hours while the bride and groom are having photos done, taking a city tour, and squeezing in some private time. Make sure you keep the food and drinks flowing between the ceremony and reception and consider organizing some intermission entertainment. Lawn games are a popular choice, but you could put together guest bingo to help everyone get to know each other, hire a caricaturist or set up a photo booth.

Make it Personal
In a world of Pinterest weddings and Instagram-perfect pics, it is easy to get caught up with the latest magazine ready wedding trends. Rather than try to emulate that dream wedding you saw online, have a think about how to inject elements of your personality into the day.

From baby photos incorporated into table numbers to bride and groom bingo, there are loads of fun ways to make your day unique. I once attended a wedding where the bride and groom met when they worked for a supermarket – the cake ornament depicted the groom pushing the bride along in a shopping trolley. From all the weddings that I have been to, that is the only cake I can still remember!

Relax and Enjoy!
Joy and happiness are infectious and the more you relax and having a wonderful time, the more your guests will enjoy their experience. There is not a wedding in history in which at least one thing hasn’t gone precisely to plan. Try not to get caught up in the details on the day and accept that imperfection is inevitable. Saying I do while surrounded by family and friends is more important than whether the flowers are the right color, whether it rains or whether you spot a typo on the menus.

Make your wedding day a day to remember for all the right reasons!

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