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The Seasonal Switch – Turning your Home Into a Spring Sanctuary

The sun is coming up a little earlier, the days are getting ten minutes longer, and you’re not waking up with fog on your breath – spring is coming! Now is the time to start thinking about your spring interiors and what you’re going to do to bring in some of that long lost daylight! That’s why we’ve put together our favourite 2018 spring trends that you can incorporate in your spring decorating!

There are so many benefits to adding a skylight to your home! Let’s start with aesthetics. A skylight adds natural light to your room which allows the warm glow of sunshine to illuminate your accessories and furniture, along with the gorgeous dancing patterns a skylight or a set of solartube skylights will produce throughout the day. They are an environmentally-conscious addition to your home, if you get a skylight with the ability to open it will allow the hot air out of house in summer and trap it in winter, so you can use your heating and cooling less.

With your added natural light, you will also find you won’t turn the lights on as frequently during the day which assists in lowering your carbon footprint and saves money on your electricity bill. The benefits also extend to your mood as exposure to sunshine has been proven time and time again to increase mood.

Create a feeling of opulence and luxury with the use of fresh textures in your upholstery and furniture in rich, decadent tones. Ruby is great as an entryway feature, use emerald to complement this year’s earth tone trend, and add a touch of sapphire to the bedroom for its calming effect. Velvet is making its comeback, along with jeweled accents. Another material making a comeback is terrazzo, this ‘70s favourite has been recreated in floor tiles, lampshades, wall features, and benches as of late and will be found in all styles of homes in the coming year.

Earth Tones
Bringing a little bit of nature indoors is all the rage this spring. The use of terracotta, peach, watermelon red, rust, and burnt red tones are a focus for most of the home and outdoors. However greens, greys, a splash of blush pink, natural prints, and rattan furniture are set to be featured for a cooling balance. Another popular colour for 2018 is ultraviolet, so an opulent couch or cushions is a great addition to your spring bed or lounge room!

Metallics and Metal Art
Mixing and matching metallics and metal art work has only been on the rise in the last few years. Try chrome, copper, or rose gold trimmings on your benches and as apart of your interior accessories. You could find a piece of wrought iron art work and hang it outside on the fence as a feature wall.

Not to be confused with clutter, maximalism embraces bold colours, clashing prints, and quirky furniture and accessories. Bold, luxurious furniture such as an ultraviolet purple velvet loveseat or using the ceiling as a feature wall are fun ways to embrace this style!

Parisian Style
If some this isn’t broken, don’t fix It! Classic, elegant Parisian Style is making a huge entrance into the market for the next few years. Herringbone wooden floorboards have been an extremely popular element in newly built homes and have seen a dramatic increase in online searches.

Springtime design is my favourite, getting rid of the cobwebs of cold winter and bringing in sunshine to your day always brightens my mood. I’m going to go get my vacuum so I can start decorating!

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