Material Marketing: A SME Guide to Promotional Materials

These days, management and boards of directors have widely acknowledged marketing as a substantial growth driver, be it nontraditional advertising, unique partnerships, influence marketing or digital communication. However, merchandising via promotional materials, such as embroidered workwear, is one tool in the marketing arsenal that many senior marketing executives, especially in SMEs, regularly overlook. This is quite unfortunate, given that it’s a valuable means of making an impact – in other words, it works.

Clients love a branded mug, pen, notepad, or even carry bag because they’re seen as adding value. However, promotional materials in the form of embroidered workwear enable your brand awareness and messages to be delivered to consumers in real time, within real situations – emblazoned across your company’s greatest asset;  its people. Embroidered workwear offers many solutions that will fit your business’s needs with a high level of functionality, minimising losses in your advertising and marketing investments.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of easy-to-implement promotional materials in the form of embroidered workwear across two categories; corporate and safety apparel. Understanding this might be useful for your SME and how you can incorporate promotional materials, such as embroidered workwear, into your marketing mix.    

Corporate Wear
There’s nothing like a well put together business uniform for creating a polished, professional impression of staff; simultaneously increasing your businesses reputation and employee morale. It can be confusing and difficult to manage an internal dress code reposition though, especially if you’re moving up from no uniforms to a new uniform – so engage with a reputable promotional marketing company, ensuring they are fully equipped to help. Seek suppliers who offer prompt service and friendly advice on choosing the right designs and finishes for the look you’re trying to create.

Additionally, seek suppliers who have a wide selection of different styles suitable for an office environment, including corporate shirts – both short sleeve and long sleeve. Note; there are different weights and fabrics to choose from, so you can even get a mix of shirts for summer and winter, ensuring your employees feel comfortable as well as looking fashionable and presentable.

For a subtle look, we suggest logo embroidery over the breast pocket of the shirt. If your team needs to wear name tags, arrange for pin holes in the shirt to preserve the look of the shirt for longer. Other interesting alternatives for corporate workwear include logos near the cuff and on the collar points.

Most styles come in a range of colours as well, so you can match your corporate clothing to your company’s colours, reinforcing your brand identity.

Safety First Workwear
Safe workwear apparel needs to encompass practicality, visibility, easy identification, as well as be a good fit. It’s paramount that employees can execute their roles and responsibilities comfortably and are protected from weather elements, whilst also presenting a professional, unified look which best represents their employer.

If you want your team to present more professionally while being shielded, consider custom embroidered work shirts. Logos, even team details, site details or phone numbers can be added to the apparel, and included on the pockets or the back of shirts, as necessary. Embroidered work shirts provide an impactful and professional impression to any group of tradies or workers instantly.

Employee protection is the number one priority when it comes to safe workwear. Therefore, it’s best to seek out ranges from promotional marketing companies that are designed to meet regulatory standards in terms of colour, hi-vis strips, and fabric quality, to name a few, before any brand details are embroidered.

Remember, discounts can be given based on bulk orders too, making professional workwear that adheres to safety standards for your trade professionals more affordable than you think! Plus, it’s great for brand awareness. Large scale jobs that require a specialist team of employees, while promoting brand awareness, have a positive cascading effect on your company; ultimately generating more leads and business.

Don’t underestimate the impact that promotional materials can have for your SME, especially embroidered workwear. How can you cost effectively incorporate embroidered workwear into your marketing mix? Speak to a reputable promotions company today and find out!

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