The Baby Jogger Breakdown: How to Stay Fit With Young Children

As a young parent myself, I know how hard it can be to find the time to even think about having a regular workout schedule. But the fantastic thing about being a parent to young children is that most of the time, being physically active comes with the job. It also helps when you have the right tools to stay fit and active alongside your mommy routine. Here’s a small list of what you’ll need to keep fit with young kids in tow.


We’ll start with the namesake of this article: Baby Jogger. Young parents are falling in love with Baby Jogger’s versatile strollers and accessories simply because these active strollers are amongst the most reputable and reliable when it comes to ensuring that both you and your little ones feel comfortable in the great outdoors. These active prams come equipped with premium features like intuitive all-wheel suspension, sturdy, all-terrain tyres, high-quality safety harnesses, and a myriad of available canopies to keep your baby safe from harsh UV rays. Alongside their premium builds, Baby Jogger’s great variety of additional accessories, like trays, belly bars and interchangeable storage bags, has definitely made this brand stand out from the crowd. They’ve been greatly recommended as a safe and practical alternative to traditional prams and strollers, most of which aren’t usually built with medium or intense levels of physical activity in mind.

If you’re taking your child out in a stroller for the first time, it’s also worth noting that the added comfort and security of a quality active stroller, can positively impact your child’s first impressions on being active in the great outdoors. You want to encourage your child to develop positive affiliations with strolling wherever possible. This is best achieved with a reliable stroller.

Games and activities

Playing and creating games with your kids can provide you and your family with a plethora of unforgettable family memories, but it can also be an ingenious way of allowing you to exercise as a family. There is a multitude of ways you can go about this too! For starters, if you have an interest in any specific sport, it’s worth creating family traditions around watching some matches and playing some backyard variations of this game. Some families have also experienced success when it comes to practising weekly activities, like a weekly ‘sports night’, or weekly ‘adventure hikes’.


You could even go as far as developing family hobbies that aren’t immediately sports-related, like gardening and yard work. Regular gardening has been known to burn a surprising amount of calories, and when you get your little ones interested in growing fruits and veggies, they’ll also be more likely to eat fresh and maintain a nutritious diet, which is just as much a part of keeping fit as regular exercise can be.

Stay creative

All of our regular readers should know how much we love keeping things fun and fresh in our household. We go out of our way to try new things and are always scheduling new adventures, like geocaching or trampolining, and embarking on trips to exciting places like the beach or to museums. Planning fun and creative outings can be a fantastic way of keeping your children curious and interested in the world outside of your home. If you’re consistently reminding your little ones that there’s so much more to see away from the glare of our pesky screens, then chances are very high that staying fit and active will come naturally to them. Not to mention that scheduling regular, enriching excursions will provide you with an abundance of photo ops for your family’s albums! If you’re at a loss as to what kinds of activities you should be planning, you could revisit some of the ideas you may have explored on your summer bucket list.


If you’re still at a loss, then it will definitely be worthwhile having an open discussion with your older children in order to gauge the sorts of experiences they might like to have. Hopefully their suggestions will be enough to get you and your family’s creative juices flowing, and in turn, your hearts pumping!

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