Striking Shortcomings and Superlative Substitutes of Invisalign

The popularity of braces and Invisalign is particularly touching the roof across the world. The main reason for this unprecedented popularity is its effectiveness and invisibility. Invisalign Sydney is an orthodontic treatment that is used to achieve and enhance a more gorgeous smile.

Misaligned teeth can cause you hesitation while smiling and that is the reason why these invisible braces became a common treatment option for people. If you are suffering from the problems such as underbite, crossbite, or overbite then you can take the help of Invisalign and gradually move your teeth into proper alignment.

Another thing that is helping these braces to gain this much popularity is that they are detachable as you can remove them while sleeping. One of the reasons why people choose to skip metal braces because they feel great discomfort while sleeping but with the help of Invisalign, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Now, you will wonder; what types of Invisalign options are available for you?

What Treatment Options Do you Have?

There are two options you have as you can eliminate visiting dental facilities and use DIY Invisalign solutions and on the other hand, you can take expert’s help and get your Invisalign by visiting dental clinics and making them from professionals.

First, we will see two at-home alternatives and then evaluate the two in-office Invisalign Sydney treatment options.

As the name suggests, it will provide you with a new smile altogether! It is one of the most loved at-home Invisalign treatments and the aligners are made from raintree plastics. These aligners are known to be the clearest aligners available on the market. They are capable of moving multiple teeth at times and provide you results in just 4 to 6 months.

Candid is one of the most acclaimed at-home Invisalign providers in the market and one the cheapest options too. The teeth straightening market was in shock when Candid announced itself as the popularity was soaring with every passing moment! They also offer you AI technology to virtually check with your orthodontist as it will help you get the best and effective treatment by yourself.

When it comes to Invisalign, instead of going DIY, you should always visit a dental facility to get braces as it will enable you to get perfect results with the help of professionals. They are much smoother and without the ridges that are present in the Invisalign. These aligners will offer you ultimate comfort and amazing outcome in terms of the appearance of your smile.

It is the dark horse in the braces industry as they are now becoming a hot favourite of teens who are seeking braces. It is one of the main competitors of Invisalign and they offer amazing supervision for your treatment. They are also made from thinner material as compared to Invisalign and offer you zero visibility of braces in your mouth.

Shortcomings of Invisalign Sydney:

It is better to know the negative aspect rather than regretting it later! Every one of the things in the world has its own shortcomings and negative traits and Invisalign are no different. It is important for you to see all the sides of the treatment before you decide to visit the dental facility and get yourself these braces.

What follows are some of the drawbacks of Invisalign Sydney braces:

Price Factor
One of the biggest and essential factors which dictate the decision of any person is the money. The biggest flaw of these clear plastic braces is that they are quite expensive than your traditional ones. If you are on a tight budget then you may want to rethink your decision to get these invisible braces otherwise you will be left with a huge hole in your pockets.

Have to Wear them for 22 Hours/day
If you are expecting great results then you need to wear these braces for 22 hours per day and that is a must-followed condition. You are allowed to remove them only for eating, drinking, and cleaning purposes only. It means you can’t leave these Invisalign braces at home if you are attending a party or put them aside while sleeping!

Attachments and More Attachments
As these braces have become a norm, attachment has been attached to them for better results. Enamel ridges are the ones that will discomfort you the most as they will stick to your teeth the same as brackets. They will click into the aligners and help more effectively to straighten your teeth. This bridge will give you a great deal of discomfort in the beginning.

Imagine this; you are going for a date night and you have to take out your braces in front of your date! This will give you the idea of your embarrassment you will face as you have to remove them before eating. Additionally, you have to brush your teeth every time you put these Invisalign Sydney braces back on. If you want to get these braces then be prepared to brush multiple times a day.

Final Words

Although these braces have their benefits, you cannot just ignore their drawbacks and conditions. So, before you get your Invisalign Sydney braces, make sure you have adequate knowledge of your oral condition and its shortcomings.

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