Four ways to increase productivity in the office

Attendance doesn’t equate to productivity. Showing up at the office is just half the struggle — the other half is actually working. Whatever industry you’re in, being productive and motivated at work can be a challenge. This is true whether you love your job or you simply enjoy being able to pay the bills. If you ever struggle with getting inspired in your professional life, here are some ways to increase productivity in the office:

Don’t put it off
This may sound obvious but for those of us who are serial procrastinators, it’s easier said than done. If a task can be done now, do it now! Avoiding procrastination will save you stress and time. Whether it’s a small report with a looming deadline or an important long-term project, get started on it as soon as you can. You’ll thank yourself later.

Organise and Prioritise
When your boss dumps a stack of papers on your desk while you’re talking to a client on the phone whilst also checking your email, you’d be forgiven for feeling overloaded. A simple solution would be to organise and prioritise. Granted, you can’t always anticipate every task that may arise (or when your boss may try to push more work on you) but it’s good to try to keep things under control. Label your tasks according to urgency and scope. It can make the seemingly insurmountable look very doable.

Get in the groove
Ergonomics: the magic word in office survival. It’s also key to helping you become more productive. Are you getting ample lighting (or too much)? Is your chair properly adjusted? Does your cubicle or office feel a little cramped? Is your desk the proper height? These questions (and more) are worth answering. Sometimes, minor changes can achieve great effects in terms of making you feel comfortable. Other times, it may be necessary to call fitout professionals such as Total Fitouts, for a complete overhaul. Remember, you’re going to be at work for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week; if you can’t stand to be there, you won’t be able to get anything done.

Be in top shape
You won’t be producing your best results when you’re not at your best. Occasionally, it will be necessary to make sacrifices such as doing overtime or working weekends (and even holidays.) But it’s important not to overwork yourself. Get enough sleep, eat healthy and show up at the gym every now and then. When you feel good, it will show in your work.

There are many ways to optimise your productivity at work. By starting out with little things and gradually working your way towards increased levels of motivation, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. Most of us spend forty hours a week in the office, so it’s essential we find ways to do our best work.

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