Family Money Transfer

Family. You are always there for them, and they are always there for you. Whether you want to help your family back home have a better quality of life, or want to help with the financial emergencies that life is almost certain to bring, having a reliable and cost effective way to get them the funds they need is a priority. By understanding what situations can arise, having a plan in place, and a reliable company by your side, you can make sure your money gets to where it will do the most good, in the hands of your family.

Regular Support
Many people come to Australia to help build a better life for themselves and their families. At times, this means the desire to send money back home. You may want to send funds to pay rent for your retired parents, or fund the university education of your daughter. Whether you are looking to provide support to aging parents or grandparents, or help with the expenses that come from raising a child, you want to make sure your money does the job of helping your family, not paying exorbitant fees and being subject to inflated exchange rates.

Reliable services, such as those provided by OFX*, can also offer some of the best foreign exchange rates available. Unlike big banks, OFX is solely in the business of facilitating money transfers. This focus allows them to be more competitive when it comes to transfer rates and fees. With more favorable exchange rates, you know more of your money is getting into the hands of those you are looking to help.

Emergency Assistance
Imagine, you get a phone call. Maybe your mother is in the hospital and requires an expensive procedure. Maybe your son is stranded with a cracked radiator and has no way to get back home, let alone to work the next day. Maybe the water line to your family home froze, cracking the pipe and leaving your family without running water.

While we often hope regular support is enough, emergencies do happen. Unexpected medical expenses, costly automobile repairs, a surprise household repair, these events can easily derail those on a tight budget. When you want to send money to help, you need it to get there fast.

With OFX, your money can get to where it is needed quickly. In some cases, your funds can be transferred to your loved ones on the same business day they are received by OFX, and many others only take one . If you need to send money across the world, OFX has you covered with service to 190 countries.

Proper Planning
By planning properly, you can take the sting out of the financial emergencies that life may bring. You can also ensure that the regular support you want to provide goes through as easily as possible. By having a money transfer account set , you will be ready to go no matter what life throws your way. Plan now, plan well, and be there when your family needs you.

*This post is sponsored by OzForex Limited trading as OFX (ABN 65 092 375 703) and contains content advertising OFX’s products and services. For more information and to read OFX’s Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the OFX website at

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