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Tips and Tricks for Preparing Your Car for Sale

If you’re trying to sell your car, you might be tempted to list and offload it as fast as possible. That way, you’ll be free to move forward with any plans to purchase a new vehicle. However, waiting just a week or two can result in a substantial increase in resale value, because it gives you time to make some minor improvements.

These changes don’t even have to cost anything. Things like a thorough deep clean are completely free, but they can make a huge difference to how much a buyer is willing to pay for your car. It’s all about security and solidity with automobiles. Buyers want to know that a vehicle is reliable, guaranteed to run safely, and won’t break down on them as soon as they reach the highway.

These handy hints and tips will help you prepare your car for sale and secure a great price in a short space of time.

To Repair or Not to Repair
If your car has minor imperfections – like superficial scratches or dents – you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth paying for repairs. In some cases, it’s not a financially sound decision. If the fix is going to cost more than it’ll add, it’s probably better to list the vehicle in its current condition. However, if you can get small issues repaired, with the help of a mobile mechanic on the Gold Coast, it’ll increase the value of your car.

Always List with Honesty
Even if you do invest in some fix ups, there’ll always be things that you can’t do much about it. Second hand cars are second hand for a reason; they carry signs of use. This is why you should never try to deceive a buyer. If you list your car as ‘practically new’ and it’s anything but, they’ll just move on to something different. When writing a description for your advertisement, be honest about persistent problems, aesthetic issues, and the degree of wear to things like tyres and brakes.

Clean It Thoroughly
You’d be surprised how many car owners try to sell their vehicle without touching the years of dirt and grime that have built up on the inside and out. For the vast majority of buyers, this isn’t acceptable and, again, they’ll just move on. If you wouldn’t buy your car in its current condition, you can’t expect anybody else to. Clean the floors, seats, windows, handles and the exterior before you list it.

Empty the Pockets and Glove box
When it comes time to sell, there should be nothing left in the car but the service book and the manufacturing manual. All seat pockets should be empty, ashtrays should be clean, and the glove box should contain only these two items. Don’t forget to empty the boot too; you don’t want forgotten objects rattling around in the back during a test drive. If you have receipts for rent work, keep them safe so that you can show the buyer at an appropriate time.

Get It Serviced
Most buyers will ask to see the service book before they hand over any cash. This is important, because it tells them how carefully you’ve tended to its needs and whether you’ve kept up with regular servicing appointments. So, if you are planning to sell, get your vehicle serviced by a reliable mechanic. You’ll then get a mark in the book that tells buyers the car is in tip top condition and won’t need another for six months.

Why Preparing for a Sale is Essential
First impressions count for buyers, whether they’re looking for a new house, a new car, or a family pet. The golden rule definitely applies here; if you wouldn’t buy it, the likelihood is that nobody else will either. So, take the time to prepare your car for sale if you want to secure a great price. This shouldn’t take long and it could make a huge different to the amount that buyers are willing to offer.

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