Finding Discounted Furniture In Queensland

Traditionally finding discounted furniture meant trudging the streets on Boxing Day to find a setting you liked and fighting it out with the masses to order it from the one remaining salesman who wasn’t on annual leave, only to be informed there was a 6-8 week wait.

However the change in the Australian furniture industry over the last decade has seen a reduction in Australian made furniture on the shelf and a dramatic increase in imported products, manufactured overseas and shipped in containers to every major port in the country.

These products are, by and large, warehoused by the importer until required by the major retail chain for which they’ve been ordered. Occasionally, for any number of reasons, a product is discontinued by a retailer and the importer is left carrying stock that is no longer required, or represented on shop floors. When coupled with the ease of online shopping this presents the ideal platform for a company like SMAC Furniture Liquidators.

SMAC Furniture Liquidators is a Queensland family-owned business with access to some of Australia’s largest furniture importers. Founded in 2012 their mission is to provide top quality products direct to customers via an exciting, new, integrated, online business model.

” With the importer looking to exit the product line and recoup his costs , the astute bargain hunter can often pick up top quality brand new furniture for a fraction of the price it was being sold for just weeks before in store” says Director, Sarah Cross.

The SMAC Furniture business model allows for the customer to purchase furniture online, from the comfort of their home, without sales reps breathing down their neck, then either make one quick trip to collect the furniture from the designated warehouse in their capital city, or have it delivered directly to their door.

Not all products are warehoused in all states, but for those buyers that fall in love with a product, SMAC will organise for a transport company to ship the product at minimal cost. Often it turns out that utilising backloads or “piggybacking” other orders, allows them to reduce the transport charges and keeps the savings to a maximum.

Buying furniture online is definitely nothing new, and people all over Australia and the world are moving towards the convenience of online shopping and the cost savings that can be realised from doing so. What makes SMAC stand out is their pricing. By deciding against running an expensive showroom SMAC has been able to provide furniture at a discount that you’ll struggle to find anywhere in Australia.

Whilst it can be confronting for the first time user to commit to making that first big purchase online, the ability to buy brand new current stock, whilst browsing at a time that suits them and save up to 50% off the high street price, is proving too much to resist for more and more Australians.

With a firm commitment to only stock the highest of quality furniture, SMAC Furniture is set to truly revolutionise the sale of premium furniture at affordable prices to the Australian public.

To see just how good the prices are for yourself, visit SMAC Furniture

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