Family-Friendly Freedom: An Adventurer’s Guide to Family Travelling

There are heaps of reasons why family is important – having people around you who you love, trust and spend time with is a golden gift. Raising kids is also an amazing reward, despite its many challenges. But having a family can be hard work at the end of the day, especially when you juggle multiple priorities and responsibilities.

It makes sense that you deserve to let down your hair and go travelling with your family, hopefully at least once a year. But what if the idea of family-friendly freedom is new to you? Never fear – here’s an adventurer’s guide to family travelling.

Step one – have a reliable car

Choosing between the wide variety of 7 seater & 8 seater cars can be difficult. However, it mainly comes down to finding something that is reliable and can fit the entire family. Owning a car that is spacious, comfortable and that you know you can depend on will ensure that the whole family will enjoy the ride.

All you need to do is make sure that your car is regularly serviced and maintained and that any mechanical issues are fixed as they arise. Before a major road trip, it’s always a good idea to have a service, even if you’re a few months or thousand kilometres away from your next recommended one.

Step two – book accommodation ahead of time

Getting to your destination only to find all the decent hotels and hostels are booked out is a major headache. Be preemptive and, once you know you and the family are headed for a little retreat, jump online and begin looking for accommodation. Airbnb is a great way to find nice places to stay and can be a good alternative to traditional hotels and motels. Often, you’ll need to pay a certain percentage as a holding deposit and you can then pay the remainder closer to the date.

Step three – for those on a budget, pack food

Unless you’re going overseas, it pays to try and save some money on your trip, as accommodation and petrol costs can become a bit burdensome on a family trip away. One way to save some pennies is by packing non-perishable foods so you can do some cooking instead of eating out for every meal. So, pack your pasta, your sauces and your condiments beforehand and grab the perishable items like meat and dairy while you’re at your destination.

Step four – kids entertainment

There are lots of things you can do to help keep the kids entertained during your trip. Once you’re at your destination, you may find arcades, mini-golf courses and other things to keep them occupied while you’re there – but if you’ve got several hours in the car, you’ll need to prepare some activities for them.

You can charge the tablets up and load them with kids films. You can also pack cards or other small games they can play on the go. Books are a great option too, although be careful – for some little people, reading and cars equal motion sickness and nobody wants to clean up the mess if someone has a little accident.

You’re on your way!

There you have it. The first step is to ensure you have a reliable car. Then, make sure to book a place to stay once you have your dates locked in. Pack some non-perishable food and just buy the rest when you get there so you’re not eating out every night, and remember to make sure to keep the kids entertained along the way.

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