Exploring the Natural Wonders of East Coast of Australia

Because of the favorable climate, the great outdoors is king here. In eastern coast of Australia, it’s not uncommon to find beaches crowded with surfers and joggers at 6am. On a weekend morning!

The brilliantly bright mornings means that you’re likely to encounter a lot more ‘morning people’ here; this is especially true if you’re coming from a dark, grey northern hemisphere city.

Here are some of the highlights of East Coast of Australia
Melbourne is a town famous for its multicultural mix, nightlife and various dining experiences. Rather than wandering here and there, it’s better to delve into the interior city’s mainstream and bohemian and art scenes, go shopping, linger in the cafe-colonised laneways, and take in a show.

Sydney is a breezy and bright harbour town in Australia. To do justice to this city, you really need a couple of days. Must-dos include a Sydney Harbour cruise. Without plunging in the famous Bondi Beach, no trip to Sydney would be complete. Views of the spotlit Opera House and Harbour Bridge look awesome when you see them from your restaurant window.

Brisbane is the fast-paced capital in Queensland, where one can hand-feed dolphins, cuddle a koala, catch a ferry to Moreton Island or board a river cruise.

The Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast
Options to head to the Gold Coast can easily be found in Brisbane. Over-the-top amusement parks, great surf and glamorous beach side developments are some of the main attractions. Alternatively, head to the Sunshine Coast through the famous Australia Zoo after which you can go to the stylish beach resort in the town of Noosa.

Whitsunday Islands
To reach the magnificent Whitsunday Islands you can fly to Airlie Beach or even directly to Hamilton Island. Here you can choose to do tropical cruising, snorkelling or amazing coral reef diving, or you can simply relax at the pool of your resort.

If you are still left with energy and time, Cairns is a good alternative to Whitsundays. There are fabulous expeditions to tropical beaches and rainforest hinterland but on top of that Cairns is a base for going through the Great Barrier Reef. Once you have reached the reef, just hop on a glass-bottom boat, strap on the snorkel, or join a dive. Cairns has something for everybody.

Why renting a car is a good idea?
Riding round the country in a good car, getting back to nature, cooking on the camping stove and beers around the beach are some of the perfect scenarios one can have in his mind. Thankfully there are many car rental companies around Australia who want to turn this dream into a reality. Typically there are many big companies offering car rentals, but smaller companies can be found as well. The deal you get depends greatly on your negotiation skills. You may also check to see if there are any relocation deals available. Getting a car on rental basis is an ultimate adventure as it helps to ensure that you get to stay, see and do anything you want in a definite time frame.

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