Creating Something Out of Nothing: How to Style Your Office

As many small, medium and even large business operators know, it can often be a real challenge to pack all the equipment, furniture and accessories a small business needs while at the same time keeping at sleek and professional in appearance.

Thankfully, by applying just a few spacing tricks, digital technology perks and introducing flexibility into the workplace you can improve the look of your office. Not only this, but your workers can become more productive and efficient and you might even save some money!

Whether you’ve just moved into an office or are looking to revamp your current space, here are some tips to transform your office from boring and dull to successful and happening!

1. Bring Flexibility Into the Workplace

Rather than cluttering your office with individual desks for each and every employee working with you, you can save both money and space by allowing employees to desk-share.

This practice, known as ‘hot-desking’, means that less office area is taken up by cubicles, and you save the money you might otherwise have spent upgrading, moving or expanding your office space.

2. Use Cloud Technology to Save Time and Stop Waste

Cloud technology, which is technology that allows employees to access data remotely from outside the office, is being increasingly used by companies world-wide.

Along with allowing employees to work flexibly and cutting down on commuting time, the online storage functions of the technology mean that you can cut dingy filing cabinets and cumbersome reception desks from your office.

In place of the reception, external companies that work with cloud technology can screen spam calls and redirect important calls to the right people in your business.

3. Clean Desks Make For Better Work

Introducing a clean-desk policy into your office is an important step to improving employee productivity and morale. In conjunction with ‘hot-desking’ practices, having clean desks makes employees feel better about the place they work in and also improves the general aesthetic of your office.

4. Office Branding

The aesthetic appearance of offices tends to reflect their work-culture and values, and vice versa. Because of this, it might be wise to invest some resources into bringing in a creative design team to spruce up your workplace, making it more vibrant and dynamic than it would have been otherwise.

Employees generally react and perform more effectively, and with more energy, in inspiring and distinctive workplaces than they do in mundane, traditional and cluttered work areas.

5. Money From Office Space

Another thing for offices to bear in mind is that when you take the approaches mentioned above, you often find yourself with more space in your office than you previously did.

This may come in the form of empty desks or cubicles that are effectively not in use. You can make use of these spaces by renting them out to self-employers or other people that are not related to your company. In this way, you can improve the social dynamic of the office while making some money on the side.

For businesses looking for office space for lease, these tips will come in handy! You will have a competitive edge when starting out, and will avoid the mistakes of those before you.

Michael Reid is a Commerce student at the University of Sydney and has aspirations of one day renting his own office. He wants other would-be officer renters to know about how to make the most out of their workplaces.

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