Australian Budget Friendly Holidays

Traveling on a budget is a common goal among individuals today. Economic instability caused people to be extra thrifty, especially on leisure needs like going for a tour. Visiting Australia, however, makes people think that traveling on tight budget is impossible, considering its breathtaking tourist destinations.

Cast your worries away as budget travel to Australia is within your reach. All you need to do is to know your activity options and take pleasure in touring the country. Here are some of the fun-filled, exciting and yet affordable activities you can try in the country.

Explore the Sydney Opera House
This structure is a famous landmark in Australia. Its fine architecture and unique appeal drive people to tour the country. Explore the structure’s beauty from the outside at no cost. But if you want to enter the facility, there is a guided tour offered for sightseers for approximately $35. This price is probably costly, but you can book this tour online to save more money.

Luna Park
Get into the exciting Luna Park that offers rides for sightseers. The good thing about this site is that you can enter for free or pay about $10 for a ride.

Minyon Waterfalls
Experience the charm of this nature site for free. Have a picnic with your family members at its designated picnic site and be enamored by nature’s unrivaled beauty.

Murray River fishing
Perfect for active individuals, fishing at the Murray River offers a budget tour while exploring the wonder of its fish species. The river serves as the natural habitat for a wide array of fish species, which can be captured using special baits and rods. Ask assistance about fishing permits and other details and make sure you will have a memorable fishing tour at the site.

Koala Hospital
Koalas are the known, endemic animals in Australia. Therefore, you can’t afford to miss seeing these fluffy and cuddly creatures when you are in the country. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend anything just to see them up close as long as you visit the Koala Hospital. Located at Port Macquarie, this hospital serves as a rehabilitation site for koalas and kangaroos that sustained injury.

Sunset Watching
Australia is prominent for having the most breathtaking sights of sunset. The good thing about this activity is that you don’t need to spend money just to see the sunset. Find a good spot near the Sydney Opera House or beaches and you are assured to take a glimpse of this wonderful scenery.

Play Pool
Are you looking for a good activity with your friends? Why spend money when you can play pool for free. Several bars and hotels give you the chance to use their pool tables for a good game at no cost. Simply check their schedules and take pleasure on a night of a good drink and pool with your buddies.

Overall, visiting Australia on a budget is possible. These are just some of the options offered to you and ensure your savings. Remember that enjoying a tour doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you know your choices.

About the Author: Grace Sumrall loves reading and writing about great money saving tips. She is always on the look out for great savings. She would like to thank Murray Regional Tourism Board for helping her plan a fun and budget friendly fishing holiday.

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