4 Ideas for a Safer Work Commute

Every morning and evening the roads become packed with a variety of vehicles, all with different types of drivers making their daily commute. With this many uncontrollable factors there are bound to be accidents! Following the steps below will help to make your commute as safe as possible.

Obey road rules
How often have you pressed harder on the accelerator to get to work on time? Or driven along the road’s shoulder to reach your left turn? Even if you don’t do things like that yourself, you’ve probably noticed other drivers doing it. Road rules are in place for a reason, and ignoring them is often what causes collisions. If you do find yourself in an unsavoury traffic situation, a simple internet search of terms such as ‘traffic lawyers Brisbane’ (depending on your location) will bring up a number of options to help you out. Experts at firms like GC Traffic Lawyers are well-placed to support you if you find yourself in trouble.

Don’t multitask
Applying make-up, adjusting clothing such as ties, people-watching through traffic; to do any of these, you have to take your eyes off the road. If your commute is lengthy, try entertainment that still allows you to have both eyes facing the front. This could include listening to podcasts, ‘books on tape’, or even learning a language.

Keep your distance
Tail-gating is dangerous at the best of times, but in heavy traffic, all it takes is a car to brake, you run into them and a multi-car pile-up ensues. However, this can be a tough situation, as you have no control over the driver behind you. But if you can keep a distance of a couple of car spaces and start breaking slowly, early on, you are at least doing your best to avoid a collision.

Wear the right shoes
Your footwear can have a big effect on your pedal control. Office work shoes, although attractive, can pose a number of hazards including heels getting caught under pedals or floor mats. Also, shoes that aren’t worn on rough surfaces, such as men’s dress shoes, will often have a slippery sole, and wearing chunky shoes such as work boots can make it harder to feel your foot on the pedal.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, no matter how strictly you follow the rules. All you can do is try your best to keep yourself safe during your work commute, and adjust your driving to the conditions of the day. And if you do get caught out, have a procedure in place to get yourself back on the road as soon as possible.

What distracts you the most during your work commute? Please share in our comments section.

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