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3 Tips on Creating Videos To Sell Your Home

A few days ago we featured a piece on how using video can help in selling your home. The article discussed why and how it’s a good idea to include this type of new media in your overall home selling arsenal.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. Nothing can capture your home, yard and even garage like a well-crafted video. The trick is to make sure you create a video that strategically accentuates the positives in your home coupled with a good measure of objectivity. You want to show both some pros and cons. Think of the ideal prospect for your home and think of them, him or her – when you create the video. Let’s take a look at a few tips below on how best to capture this through video.

1. Think of Your Intended Viewer –

One of the smartest things you can do is to think of and picture your intended viewer before and while you create the video, so as to capture what he or she is most likely to be interested in. If you have a smaller home and therefore a couple or single person is the one who most likely is a buyer, then you know to think of this person while you’re making the video. Think of what information and views this person or persons would most want to see, then be sure to capture that. It could be they want to see the office area in good detail, it could be they want to know about the bedrooms or maybe the den or exercise room is what they most want to see and hear about. If you have a bigger home with many bedrooms, then a large family is the most likely candidate and therefore be sure to showcase in your video – the yard, the front space, any outdoor porch or deck, the play area, living room, multi car garage, etc.

2. Accentuate The Positives –

A video is an excellent method to accentuate the positives in your home. Maybe you have a massive yard, perhaps a built in jacuzzi in the bathroom or maybe the bedrooms are really large or the kitchen is. Whatever the positives in your home, be sure to showcase these in the video. It’s a great way to let the viewer/buyer “see” what he or she is potentially getting.

3. Try Several Times to Capture What You Wish to Capture –

You might need to redo the video several times, before you’re able to capture exactly what you wish to capture. Or at the very least you might need to edit the piece, and cut off any extraneous noises or shots. A well-paced, well lighted and well thought out video takes time. Be sure to plan in advance what you’re going to say, where you’re going to go with the camera and what you want to capture. This is important and can make the difference between a video that answers questions and a video that leaves too many questions or comments on the table. Practice makes perfect, and never could this be applied to more than with a video.

Good luck. Do try our tips above and hope the video clinches the deal for you.

Missy Diaz is a freelance guest writer from Chicago who writes for a variable life insurance agency among other clients and topics. She loves to be creative and expresses herself by writing online.

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