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Which Winter Energy Type Are You?

Did you crack out the door snakes or crank the heater over winter? Just 45% of Aussies would let their partner warm their cold winter feet on their legs, according to a new survey by electricity company Bright Spark Power. We looked at their research and want to know – are you wearing socks all the time like a ‘Layer up Larry’ or did you get to those gaps early in winter like the 39% of ‘Handy Harold’s’ who block draughts from doors, windows and floorboards?

Make your own insulation
Layers are the favoured method to keep warm with 73% of Aussies preferring to wear extra coverings. “Socks!” one respondent exclaims as the keyway to keep warm in winter. Layered clothing creates trapped air which acts like insulation as your body warms each section.

Eat your way
Half of Aussies are into hot drinks to keep warm but only 15% claim the extra carbs they are eating are for warmth. Less than 20% utilise the oven to heat up a home – which is perhaps testament to the ‘air fryer’ revolution going on during pandemic times?

Turn it up!
While nearly 40% of us are happy to turn the heating on all day, a surprisingly small 14% are using low energy oil heaters to warm up the room.

Turn it down!
When thinking about electricity bills the budget savvy are turning the heating down, pointing out that if you have to add cold water to your shower you may have your hot water set at an inefficient temperature. A hot tip for all year-round electricity savings right there.

Check those electricity bills
Just over a quarter of Aussies will keep electricity bills in check over winter by switching electricity providers, but under a fifth know to look for a fixed rate for peace of mind. While a variable electricity rate could change on notice by your electricity company, a fixed rate keeps your per kWh usage cost the same for the period of your agreement.

Bright Spark Power, providing electricity across NSW and southeast QLD takes the fixed rate concept to a new level with the promise of ‘Our Best Rate Guarantee‘. The company says “we want all our customers to be on our best offer so whether you have home or business electricity, you will always be on our lowest general usage rate. It’s our way of being honest with, and loyal to, our customers”. Check rates for electricity with Bright Spark Power at

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