Wedding cake flavours to match every theme

We get it – there comes a point in life where plain old vanilla or fruitcake just won’t cut it anymore. You’ve had them a thousand times before at countless birthdays and Christmas parties and now you’re wondering if there’s more to life than this.

The answer is yes, there is. Gone are the days where traditional fruitcake was your only option. With flavours like pink champagne, guava, pistachio and coconut, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect flavoured cake for your wedding.

To help you find the right flavour, the following will sort each type of cake into categories based on wedding theme. Be sure to give each one a taste before you make up your mind – as good as it may look in photos; it’s just as important to make sure you enjoy eating it.

The wedding is the culmination of months of planning and preparation, and you will have to put a lot of work into every detail, from the dress and the setting right to the menu and – most importantly from a food perspective – the cake. Everything needs to both look and taste great, and this is especially true of the centrepiece of the wedding.

After all, after spending months exercising and only eating healthy recipes to get your body wedding-ready, you deserve to have the most delicious cake possible! This will be your day, so make sure that you get the tastiest cake you can possibly find.

Themes are also becoming more common for weddings, as people search for ways to make their celebrations stand out or simply have the perfect reception. A big part of having a themed wedding is themed food as well – particularly when it comes to the cake. People also often find it easier to theme the meal and drinks than the cake – so here are some ideas!


Inspired by bygone eras and all things antique, vintage weddings often opt for 20s or 50s themed styles and fashion. Suspenders and caps, old bicycles and finger curls are all the rage in vintage weddings. Add some cheeky rum for a cake to remember. Some cake flavours that would suit this theme include:

  • Spiced chocolate with mocha and rum

  • Almond and pear sponge

  • Praline and banana

  • Peppermint chocolate fudge

  • Raspberry and cream

  • Caramel and apple

  • Peanut butter with chocolate

  • Red velvet with cream cheese

  • Cherries and buttercream

  • Raisin, cinnamon and apple

  • Vanilla and rose buttercream

  • Rhubarb and rose


The rustic wedding continues to be one of the most popular wedding themes, with brides and grooms around the world captivated by the style’s homely, relaxed and natural vibes. Rustic weddings often feature wooden materials, fairy lights and greenery. Some flavours that suit this theme include:

  • Champagne with blackberry jam and cream

  • Spiced rum and ginger with buttercream

  • Peppermint chocolate fudge

  • Cherries and buttercream

  • Brandy and apple

  • Pink champagne and raspberry jam

  • Chocolate, blackcurrant and Guinness

  • Raisin, cinnamon and apple

  • Lavender and honey with cream


Tropical wedding cakes are a summer time favourite. Warm, sunny days and balmy nights make for a dreamy occasion filled with palm fronds, brightly coloured flowers and pink flamingos. Make your event one to remember by creating a cake made with one of these divine tropical flavours, which feature citrus and fruity notes (and maybe a bit of alcohol, too):

  • Orange blossom and berry

  • Pimm’s with mint, strawberry and cucumber

  • Banana, coconut and white chocolate

  • Matcha green tea with buttercream

  • Ginger and key lime cheesecake

  • Pineapple and coconut with cream

  • Vanilla and mango mousse

  • Spiced coconut with buttercream and rum

  • Strawberry and pink champagne

  • Lemon with buttercream


Garden themed weddings are all about flowers and pretty green gardens. They are romantic occasions which typically take place outside under an arch in front of a crowd sitting on little white chairs. Cakes which incorporate floral elements look great at these weddings. Flavours that work with this theme include:

  • Vanilla and orange blossom

  • Matcha green tea with buttercream

  • Lemon with buttercream and white chocolate

  • Chai tea with vanilla

  • Lime and ginger

  • Strawberry, violet and rose

  • Key lime cheesecake

  • Pink champagne and raspberry jam

  • Lavender and honey with cream

  • Hibiscus and poppy seed


Classic weddings don’t have to be plain. Keep the white dresses and church hall, but jazz up your cake with a few classy yet unique flavours that will surprise your guests (in a good way). Some ideal flavour choices include:

  • Almond, hazelnut, dark chocolate and raspberry

  • Chocolate and strawberry

  • Lemon and white chocolate

  • Pink champagne and vanilla

  • Vanilla and rose buttercream


For fitness and wellbeing lovers, having a wedding that matches a healthy lifestyle is important. Wellness weddings are typically similar to garden and rustic themes, featuring nature-inspired décor and fashion. They stand out in their selection of foods and drinks, which are designed with good nutrition in mind. Cakes at wellness weddings often feature fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy flours such as almond flour. But don’t be fooled – these cakes taste amazing! Some examples of flavours you could choose from include:

  • Pistachio and courgette

  • Carrot, mango and pumpkin seed

  • Sweet potato and cocoa

  • Beetroot and chocolate fudge

  • Butternut squash and orange

  • Peanut butter, pumpkin and chocolate

Regardless of whether your event is Gatsby themed or is a tropical bonanza, your options for choosing the perfect cake flavour are nearly endless. So get inspired, have a taste test and find your dream cake!

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