How to enjoy sport on a budget

AFL, cricket, rugby, horse racing, the list goes on. Sport is an important part of life for many Australians, but when you are living on a tight budget, indulging your sporting passion can be one of the first sacrifices you make. On the face of it, that is hardly surprising. Attending an AFL game or a horse race can be an expensive business, and with the increasing trend towards pay-per-view, even watching it on TV can be prohibitively pricey. These tips, however, will help you continue to enjoy your sport of choice without breaking the bank.

Avoid the high profile events
If you insist on going to see the Boxing Day test at the MCG or attending the F1 season opener at Albert Park, there are no two ways about it, you are going to have to pay through the nose. But there are plenty of other ways to enjoy a cricket match or some motor racing, and by choosing a smaller event, you won’t just save money, you will also get a chance to be much closer to the action.

Take cricket as an example – get to know your local club, go along at the weekend and you can watch for free and even have the opportunity to chat to the players. It’s a great way to get the kids involved, too, and there is far less risk of boredom than when they are cooped up in a stand, barely able to see what is happening on the field of play.

Build up a network
If you are desperate to get along to see your favourite team, for example in an AFL fixture, there are still ways to avoid those excessive ticket prices. Network with other fans and you are certain to bump into some season ticket holders. Very few of them will be planning on attending every single game, and most will be happy to do a deal rather than let the ticket go to waste.  

Bet smart online
Enjoy a sporting wager? You are not alone, sports betting is immensely popular, particularly in this online age. Forget about the traditional bookies, though and take advantage of the special promotions at sites like Unibet. You will find opportunities for free bets or to get your wager doubled. There’s no better way of cheating the odds and making your money last longer – and you might even get a nice little win, too!

Don’t turn up hungry
If you are attending a smaller event, then you might be in luck when it comes to getting some tucker at a reasonable price to keep the hunger pangs at bay. But at large sporting venues, the organisers know that once you are inside, they have a captive market. Those fast food stands can charge eye-watering sums, and in all honesty, the food never tastes as good as it smells. You could treat yourself and the family to a nice meal at your local café before the event and still come out better off financially.

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