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The Considerations of Calm – How to Maintain a Serene Home Pond

A home pond can be extremely calming, a great place to relax and let go of the day’s troubles. But that pond will very quickly turn into a trouble of its own if it isn’t maintained properly. Instead of serene sight, expect a savage one. You’ll be amazed at how quickly that water will change, microorganisms will grow, and potentially even some new friends might move in. However, all of these things can be avoided with proper maintenance. If you aren’t sure where to start, use these simple tips to caring for your home pond.

A steady flow
If your pond is the centrepiece of your backyard and can really draw the eye, then proper care is important. One of the most important pieces of equipment to maintain is your pond pump. The pump will maintain a steady flow of water and ensure that any marine friends are kept healthy and well. A pump will help circulate oxygen through your pond which is incredibly important for plants as well, as the balance in your water. If you do chose to have fish in your pond then a pump will also help ensure the water is kept clean from their waste which can contain high levels of nitrogen.

Borders are key
A border is a must when caring and maintaining your home pond. Not only will they help keep little hands and feet away from the water, but it will also help maintain the healthy balance of the water. Stones or pavers are a great option as they stop any surface water from rain or watering the garden from getting into the pond. Rain and fresh water can disrupt the balance of the water and cause a contamination. This can result is a number of very real problems which are easily avoided by ensuring the border is carefully maintained.

Skim from the top
Be sure to maintain the cleanliness of your pond, especially from foreign leaves and plant material. It may seem simple enough, but a build up of leaves or debris on top of your pond can trap gases which if left over time may become toxic. So if you have fish or plants thriving from your pond, toxic gases aren’t the best idea.

Test the levels
Maintaining your pond is about more than just the appearance of your pond. You should be testing the chemical levels with a specialised kit at least once a week. These kits are specifically designed to test for thing like ammonia or chlorine which can prove harmful to plants and fish. Be sure to maintain a healthy balance and if you test with levels outside the norm, act quickly to balance it out again.

Often and small amounts
Water escaping from the pond is a fact of life, whether it from plants needing to survive or simple evaporation. The trick to maintaining a healthy pond and a good water level is to top up often and with small amounts. Topping up your pond with a large amount of fresh water can throw out the balance of your pond’s water. Adding small amounts more often is less likely to have a dramatic impact. If you are testing weekly, you’ll be able to manage the water more effectively as well.

A pond can be a real feature for your home, but they aren’t something you can install and forget about. They require maintenance and care to remain a calming, relaxing space. If you aren’t sure where to start or are looking to confirm you are on the right path, use these simple steps to maintaining your home pond.

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