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Cheesy Cheer – How to Make Your Parties Less Tacky

Whether it’s the company or family Christmas gathering, a friend’s birthday or a hen’s night, most of us have probably attended a party that was just a bit too corny. While I’m not against having fun with friends and family, I bet you can picture the scenes.

We all know an event like it. There’s the classic tack of the crackers and paper hats, corny jokes or the dreaded “ugly jumpers.” The bride-to-be gets the corny sash and you go off for a “last night of freedom” out clubbing with the girlfriends or to a cocktail bar.

The friend’s party decorations are classic balloons, streamers and paper, as well as confetti poppers that you end up picking up off the floor at the end of the night.  

Well, here are my ways on how you can still have a great time, whatever the occasion, while making it a night to remember in an amazing way.

Make it memorable with fun:
You know what they say about pictures. Well, why don’t you remember the night with some fun photos? If you have an event and want to add some fun, try out some photobooth hire in Sydney. Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, a graduation or your school formal, you’ll be sure to have some great memories to treasure in a creative way.

Arrange an activity where everyone can join in:
Group interaction is a great way to get to know others. You can find out what you have in common with others and discover shared interests.

According to Lifehacker, it is great to “have an activity that helps them feel connected to others there”.

We all know the common group games of charades and other notorious classics that get played out at nearly every Christmas get together, so how about something different?

Those such as a simple “Yes or No” game, where the group has to guess what the main player is thinking of while the main player can only answer their questions with “Yes” and “No” answers, can really help your guests work as a team.

While those such as “Never Have I Ever” can give insights into the personality and lives of your fellow partygoers.

Ditch the normal clichés:
When it comes to a “Bachelorette” or “hens” party, who says it has to be what the majority tend to do? With your friend as the bride-to-be, if they want to, let them make the choices.

If she is outgoing and likes clubbing, then that’s great; but maybe she’d rather do a drinking version of board games. E.g., someone has to finish a drink when you collect $200 in Monopoly.

Or you can do a group activity that would bring you closer together. According to Style, whether it be cooking classes or creative art, there are many activities that are far from shabby.

If you want to throw a party, make sure everyone is comfortable with the event’s activities; that way, everyone has a good time.

Agree on a theme:
When arranging a birthday party or something like a wedding, having a defined theme is a great way to avoid looking tawdry and uncouth.

Themed parties allow you to create a focus on the celebration and the activities. The Organised Housewife blog lists popular and unique themes.

These included Murder Mystery, where everyone was given a character to dress like, and those such as Random Act Of Kindness, where the guests had to write on the invite what they had done for someone else in order to enter.

There are my ways to make a point of difference to your next party. Time to celebrate!

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