Opening the Office Space – The Need for Flexibility in Business

Australia has one of the largest GDPs with agriculture, mining, tech and finance comprising a good portion of the economy. This being said, professionals working in this current economy will find the country rife with opportunity for business development and growth. With government incentives geared toward general business and start-ups, the average Joe can find themselves behind the helm of lucrative business ventures.

Those with a head for business and the motivation to walk the walk can find success, but first, you are going to need to find office space. In this current climate, businesses can choose from a number of options. However, because of the numerous opportunities that can arise at any moment, flexibility is almost as important as cost when shopping for office leases.

Continue reading to learn more about why flexibility is so integral to choosing an office space in modern business.

Working in an environment that allows for you to move easily with little expense is very important, especially in the Asia market where international travel is part and parcel of business. In addition, many businesses have to be centrally located to attract the attention of their clients, but in many cases, traditional office space is too expensive requiring them to lease alternative office space from outfits such as Servcorp office space. These businesses, whilst around for a while, can fit out your business with serviced offices, virtual offices, co-working spaces, and will cost very little in comparison to conventional outfits.

To remedy the difficulties that come with working in this new global environment, businesses can choose from both the virtual office and co-working spaces, which allow for that type of flexibility. With these two offices, businesses can pretty much work from any location in the world at any time of the day or night.

For the virtual office professional, much of your office infrastructure is online and accessible as long as you have an internet connection and a device as small as a phone. Co-working, alternatively, allows for professionals to lease offices relatively cheaply, and again, allows you to move around easily, especially if the leasing company has offices around the world.

Another factor businesses have to take into consideration is the scalability of their leases. Conventional leases will require businesses commit to protracted terms and can be quite expensive over time. In Australia’s dynamic economy, businesses, especially start-ups, need to know whether their location is optimal for their business’s success, and entering into a lease that can sometimes last up to seven years might not be the wisest move.

Again, businesses should seek space that will allow your business to expand, relocate or even reduce its size, in addition to not tying you to a protracted lease. Serviced offices, virtual offices and co-working spaces can all aid in transitioning your business through its growing pains. Plus, these modifications to your lease can be made easily and inexpensively.

Business blossoms in the presence of community, and when looking for space, professionals and businesses alike should seek out leasing outfits that not only provide space for your business but also can be the conduit for further business. Co-working spaces that include incubator and accelerator programs provide businesses with the flexibility in finding funding, finding mentors and establishing a solid network. In essence, businesses, especially start-ups, should try to plug their businesses into rentals that also can nurture and be a resource for growth.

Promoting Growth Through Flexibility
Being able to optimise your office space so that it maximises productivity is key when searching for space. Today’s businesses, fortunately, have much inspiration from which to draw, including some of the alternative formats. Australia’s fertile economy and favourable business climate present entrepreneurs with numerous chances to make money. However, the right office space will give you the flexibility to be positioned to work in any locale, nationally and internationally.

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