Dollar Driven – How to Get the Best Deal on Your New Vehicle

The race to find the right car can seem an arduous task. The who, what, when and why’s vary from each person you talk to – it seems everyone’s an expert on getting a good deal. But when it comes to gearing up to make this significant purchase, what should you consider when buying your new vehicle? Relying on the experts is a good start to getting the best deal, as well as research on the models you are interested in and in what condition, and then of course how to finance your new wheels. Follow these crucial steps to getting behind the wheel of the car you want, for the right price.

Go to the right place
Anyone in the know will tell you that reputable car dealers are worth their weight in gold. They cut the nonsense, give you the facts and have unparalleled knowledge on what is selling and what they can have you driving off the lot in. Sure, your Dad is a Mazda man, but is the opinion of one person a reason to buy or do anything? Have a frank conversation with a car dealer and tell them how much you have to play with and which models rev your engine, they speak fluent automotive and will have you test-driving cars you didn’t even know you were in love with.

Do your own research
Knowledge is power, and when it comes to buying a new car – those words have never been more true. Your buying power will plummet if you don’t know the specs of your future car, and if you choose to go second hand or buy from a friend-of-a-friend.. Well, you may be an easy target. Each car model goes through rigorous reviews and testing, so make sure you are across the pro’s and con’s before you enter the barter arena. Many individuals are driven by what was voted ‘Small Car of the Year’, ‘Family Car of the Year’, and so on. These metrics might steer you in the right direction if you are unsure on where to start

Consider second-hand
New is a relative term, right? It’s not always wise to buy new, whether you can’t finance it or your needs don’t justify that kind of commitment second-hand isn’t a bad option. I’ll save you the cautionary tale of used cars and the horror stories that ensure, we know the risks and we should know all the red flags by now to identify what is a good deal and when someone is taking you for a ride. Make sure the car you intend to purchase has all the up to date papers together, all maintenance and service checks are logged and accounted for, and any underlying issues are discussed openly.

Finance it right
You don’t see too many car sales coming from the Under The Mattress bank. It can be hard to save the full amount of a car, and car or personal loans can really streamline the car sale experience. Find out which bank provider is offering the best interest rate, the best limitations and terms of payment. You will be hard-pressed to find a bank that won’t throw a loan at you, but that doesn’t mean they are right for you. Shop around, compare the market and tell each bank what the other one is offering and see if they will come to the party.

There is lots to consider before it’s road trip and carpool time. Finding the best car deal for you is so important, as you are the one driving it around and paying it off. Take emotion out of the equation and by for practicality and longevity.

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