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ING Infographic – Australia’s Average Households Financial Wellbeing

Have you ever wondered if you’re taking good enough care of your finances? ING Direct has conducted a survey to discover the financial wellbeing of Australia’s average household.

Find out how you measure up in terms of income, financial gain, credit cards, savings, mortgages and investments. If, as a household you earn more than $69,051 and have savings of more than $9,735, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing better than the average Aussie. If not, you may want to talk to ING about opening a savings account and how they can help get your finances in gear.

Australia's Average Households Financial Wellbeing

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  1. CT
    February 23, 2013 at 1:39 am — Reply

    I wonder how this compares to other countries. I know that the annual household income is a lot more than the USA.

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