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How To Get a Pay Rise

Every organisation has its own processes when it comes to remuneration, ranging from simple to complex. Regardless of how complex or difficult a process may be, there are always things you can do to increase your pay packet.

Discussing remuneration should never be a hard process or something that you’re scared to do. As long as you are prepared, it should be a relatively straight forward process. Understanding how to get a pay rise is as simple as just asking for one. Below is a straight forward method on preparing for and asking for a raise.

1. Start by analysing your current role versus what it was when you were originally hired. Have you taken on a bigger role with new tasks? Have you performed at a high level which can easily be shown? What have you done to warrant extra money or a bonus?

2. After reviewing your current role and contribution to the business. Start researching the pay level of this type of work online. Go to the different recruitment websites and search for similar roles, what are they paying? When asking for something (pay rise) you should know exactly what you’re looking for or want and be able to justify why.

3. Once you have done your research and compared that with what you want, asking for it is fairly straight forward. If what you are doing isn’t worth what you want, this just changes your approach. It should then be something like; this is what I am currently doing and I’d like to make X amount or more, what can I do to earn that.

Generally when you are proactive and have the performance to justify and back what you want, most employers will do whatever they can to work with you. Especially when they know you are a proven commodity and have a positive impact on the business. Asking for a pay rise shouldn’t be any different than putting together a business case. It’s up to you to sell the benefits of the request.

If you are well justified in your request and get shut down or ignored, it might be a matter of looking for the opportunities you want elsewhere. By asking you will at least get a definitive answer and will either receive a pay rise or be told what you need to do to get one, or know that it is not possible. By receiving an answer, you at least know where you stand and have an idea on what to do next.

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