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Are you in need of cash immediately? Do you have bad credit and can’t qualify for a mainstream loan? Perhaps you don’t have time to wait for approval from a normal bank. Maybe none of the above applies to you and you just need access to fast cash.

No matter what your circumstances are, there are multiple options available to access cash quickly. The amount available and terms will be determined by a number of factors that do include; credit history, income to debt ratios, work history, etc..
Below are options for fast cash

Payday Loans – These types of business generally have very flexible approval processes, but understand you will be paying a premium for borrowing from them. In addition, if you miss a repayment, the fees for this can be excessive.

Borrow – Depending on your network, borrowing money from family or friends is a way to access fast cash. Often times people whom are close to you, are more than happy to help out. In addition, they may not charge interest.

Pawnshop – This is an option which can be cheaper than going to a payday loans type of business.

Sell Unwanted Items – If you have things you no longer want or use, selling them to a pawn shop, on Ebay, Gumtree, etc. may be a great way to access cash.

Cash Advance – There are a few different cash advance options. There is the payday loan types of businesses mentioned above. Different credit cards also offer cash advances. You may also want to ask you employer, depending on your status with the company, they may happy to help you out.

General Loan – Going into a bank or non-bank lender is also an option. If you go in to a branch with all your documents, you may be able to leave in the same day with a loan. Docs generally include; last 2 pay stubs, a utility bill (proof of address), ID (licence), tax returns (1-2 years). If you want a secure loan, you will have to bring in ownership documents like the title of a vehicle.

The above are some of the main ways to access fast cash. Be ready to pay a premium as many lenders may view this type of lending as a premium service due to the urgency of need. If you are a low income earner or on Centrelink, there are additional options from the government and community based initiatives.

Learn more about types of loans for people on Centrelink here and loans for pensioners here.


Please also provide and additional sources of accessing fast cash below in our comments sections for viewers to read about.

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