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Gold in Your Backyard: Australians Should be Investing in Gold

Australia is rich in naturally occurring metal and mineral deposits. These deposits contributed greatly to the growth and continuing wealth of the country besides helping Australia fend off some of the crippling effects of the recent global economic crisis. Australia leads the world in its mining industry, with great wealth …

guaranteed savings
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Guaranteed Savings on Your Monthly Bills

When it comes to finances the logical first step for big improvement starts with a detailed budget which outlines all the ins and outs of your spending. However, in this case, budgeting is not the technique that will guarantee savings. The guarantee is however a component of budgeting.

Tipping in the US
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Tipping Customs in the USA

Travelling or living in another country can be a wonderful and exciting experience. However there is one situation that lots of people find confusing and stressful and that is ‘tipping’ (also known as paying a gratuity). Tipping is the practice of showing appreciation for the service you received by gifting …

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Boosting Credit Score

Like it or not, your credit score – that invisible number dictating your creditworthiness – will follow you through the course of your adult life. This score is a way for institutions to determine how responsible you are with your money, and how much you can be trusted with their …

Debt problems
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Common signs of debt problems

In today’s busy lifestyle and fragile financial economy, it is more important now than ever in getting on top of your finances. With the everyday pressures of work, bills and family obligations, it is easy to lose sight of your finances and slowly fall into serious debt. It’s even easier …