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Australian Small Loan Options

If you are having troubles qualifying for a mainstream loan or need immediate cash, there are great lending options available to you beyond the banks. There are numerous boutique finance companies that provide small specialised personal loans which are a great alternative from traditional lenders and generally approve funds quicker. Some of the benefits of these loans beyond the speed in which you can access funds include – flexible credit history acceptance and in some cases no credit check, convenient loan sizes ($100 – $5000) and a quick online application process.

The above benefits make these small loans an extremely popular borrowing option in Australia. A few of the drawbacks of these loans can include the loan size and in some instances the cost for obtaining these loans. Small personal loans can have higher fees and/or interest rates attached to them. Whilst this has been a big concern in the past, they are becoming more affordable. The increased costs for these loans are based on numerous factors with risk being the main reason. Many people applying for these types of loans don’t qualify for mainstream loans as they may have impaired credit, an irregular income, already have too much debt or be self-employed.


Small Loans Australia is a good choice for those needing a little more cash as they provide loans up to $5000. They specialise in both secure and unsecure loans and do this without accessing your credit file.

While qualifying for loans can sometimes be a difficult and frustrating process. Specialised personal loans are great options that are rapidly becoming more and more popular in Australia do to their flexibility and more favourable qualifying criteria.

*Always be aware of the terms/conditions and all fees that may be involved in a loan before accepting.

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