5 Ways Your Business Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

From your modern, open-plan office, it may not seem like you’re harming the environment. The reality is that many businesses contribute to environmental deterioration. But never fear – there are any number of things you can do to minimise the impact. Here’s just five of them:

  1. Waste management

From recycling old paperwork to properly disposing of electronics, you have plenty of options when it comes to waste management. If your business doesn’t have the time or resources, companies like Shred-X offer a range of waste management solutions. They can dispose of old documents and electronics in a way that is safe, secure and environmentally conscious. It might seem like a small issue, but effective waste management can significantly reduce your business’s impact on the environment.

  1. Purchase refurbed electronics

Old electronics make up a staggering amount of landfill. The trend towards always having the newest and greatest devices certainly isn’t helping. Finding new homes for older but still functioning equipment has become a major priority for business with green initiatives. Pick up a pre-loved phone system or document scanner rather than shelling out for a new one. You’ll save money and stay environmentally friendly.


  1. Change your lightbulbs

You wouldn’t think that something as simple as changing your lightbulbs would have a huge impact on the environment. However, investing in energy-efficient lightbulbs can lead to a significant drop in both your power bill and your carbon emissions footprint. Better yet, energy efficient light bulbs are cheap and count as a business expense, so you can write them off on tax!

  1. Invest in energy efficient appliances

Not much contributes to environmental decay quite like an outdated air-conditioning system. Investing in a more energy efficient system that won’t suck up a ton of power is one of the easiest ways to make your business more environmentally friendly.

Similarly, if you have an office break room, invest in microwaves and fridges that feature a high energy rating. This will ensure your business’s carbon footprint is as small as possible.

  1. Stock up on green cleaning supplies

Most businesses hire companies to come and clean their premises after hours. Before choosing a cleaning company, find out how environmentally friendly their practices are. You can go a step further by providing green cleaning supplies throughout the office for when staff have to clean up after themselves.

These are just some of the ways your business can make itself more environmentally friendly. If you’re reading this article then you’ve already made a huge step in the right direction. Think about where you can improve and move decisively – both the environment and your bottom line will benefit.

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