5 Tips to Save on Excess Baggage Fees

People who travel know how frustrating it is to be slapped with a fine for having “excess baggage.” Not only is it a hassle, but you’re also risking getting hit by high fees that you may not have budgeted for. In fact for some airlines, fines can cost the same amount as the airfare. For the budget traveller, this might nullify any value you get from cheap airfares. To help you avoid this, there are actually ways to lessen these fees.

Here are five clever ways to save on excess baggage fees.

Wear layers and stuff your pockets.
Wear your jacket instead of putting it in your luggage. Jackets can sometimes be quite bulky and heavy, sometimes weighing up to almost 1 kilogram. You can also choose to put some of your personal items in your pockets.

Upgrade your seat.
An outrageous move to some, but trust us, it also means more savings. Depending on the airline, upgrading your seat means having more baggage allowance or checking in your luggage for absolutely no cost. Looking closely, if you have a lot of excess baggage, upgrading your seat might actually be cheaper.

Maximise your carry-on baggage allowance.
Most airlines do not charge fees for carry-on baggage at a certain weight. So if your checked-in baggage goes over the limit, just transfer some of your items to your carry-on. Just be careful to choose them wisely. Remember that some items can only be checked in and are prohibited from carry-on bags.

Ship your bags through a freight company.
Shipping your bags might be the easiest way to save on excess baggage fees. This is especially true for those who have oversized bags. This method is hassle-free and it costs less than paying for the extra baggage fees that airlines charge. Some people may think that it is expensive but it is all about looking for the right freight business that charge competitive fees such as World Baggage.

Pre-purchase additional baggage online.
It’s wise to skip guess work and purchase additional baggage allowance online if you think you’re going to exceed your baggage allowance. For example, a pre-purchased baggage allowance for a flight between Australia and Asia in Qantas will only cost you $24 per kilogram while an excess baggage charge in the airport will cost you $35. It will save you money and the stress that the lines may bring. Most airlines also allow frequent flyers to purchase them by using points so make use of them if you’re one.

Traveling is a great experience. Do not let having to pay for excess baggage fees ruin it. Reduce extra charges by using some of these tips. What are the ways you use to save on extra baggage fees?

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