15 Incredibly Fun Things To Do For Free

If you are living on a fixed income or a tight budget, it is easy to get discouraged about money. However, worrying about money to where it causes stress and affects your lifestyle is no way to be or live. Instead of passing away your days waiting for the right amount of savings or a bigger payday, check out a few of these fun (most of them) activities you can do free or on the cheap. Get out and enjoy yourself, don’t let money control your life!

Take a walk or Ride a bike: Explore your town. Get up close and personal with areas you thought you knew, and burn a few extra calories while you are at it! How many people have bikes just hidden away and collecting dust.

Go Swimming: Beach, lake, river or pool = Great time!

Visit the library: Books, DVDs, CDs, magazines. Check local branches for free family activities too.

Watch a movie: Pull from your own collection of DVDs (or VHS tapes if you still have them!), pop some popcorn and enjoy a cheap (free) date in. There is nothing like watching an old school movie from your childhood or teen years.

Play a board game: Pull down a few of your favorite board games and have a game night. Budget a few snacks into your grocery expenses and make a night of it. How fun is Risk, Monopoly or just cards with some friends.

Play Yard Games: Head outside for a game of hide and seek, stuck in the mud, elastics, sevens or hopscotch. Bring back some childhood memories and spend some time laughing with your friends or family.

Make your bucket list: Sounds a little depressing, but it can be fun to create a list of all the things you want to do. Dream big. Pick one thing on your list and make a plan to do it!

Work on your budget: This may not be fun, but it is a great way to burn a little time and help you find some more cash in your budget. Make this a weekly habit.

Organise your home: You will likely benefit from this in several ways. It is a great way to spend time talking with your kids or spouse, you declutter so your home feels cleaner and you may even find a few things you can sell for cash. That is what we call a win-trifecta.

Go through old photographs or journals: Take a walk down memory lane and visit old pictures or journal entries. This is a great time to organize them into photo albums or containers too.

Bake cookies for a neighbor: Cooking from scratch is cheap and fun. Bake cookies, cupcakes, brownies or soup for a neighbor. Or invite a few friends over to enjoy a batch of homemade bread while you chat.

Go to the park: Bring a picnic, skates, or your dog and enjoy some time in the sun.

Write a story: Put your creativity into action and start writing. Try a poem or even write your own story for your posterity.

Write a letter: Make someone’s day by writing a hand-written letter and sending it through the mail. There is something fun and more personal about getting a note in the mail.

Plan your next vacation: Did you know that scientists say planning a vacation can have positive health benefits, even if you never go? Planning a vacation can produce endorphins, plus its fun to dream and/or come up with a plan to get your savings goals a boost of motivation.

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