5 most popular non-surgical fat removal technologies

We’re moving into Summer once again, and I know that the last time I tried my bikini on I almost had heart palpitations at the sight of my body in the mirror. Ok, so I’m probably being a little bit melodramatic, but you know how it gets the older you get – you just want those couple of fatty pockets above your knees and under your chin to be gone forever! I have always been wary of getting intensive surgical procedures for small spots on the body; I prefer to save my surgical time for things like my last breast augmentation (at which point I also got some liposuction on my stomach – it’s great to combine two procedures). I have been reading recently about the latest fat reduction technology to hit the market – CoolMini – and have been pretty excited to hear about this method of getting rid of stubborn fat. These processes work by freezing fat cells, and I wanted to talk today about this and a couple of other non-surgical fat removal techniques which I am loving right now. Let’s take a look.

CoolSculpting and CoolMini Procedures

This is an FDA approved and non-surgical method for removing the excess fat on your body, and it works by destroying fat cells and eliminating fat from specific spots on the body. The procedure is performed without any anesthetic and the doctor simply uses the CoolSculpting applicator to demolish the fat tissue by cooling it just above freezing point. Optimum results are noticed two to four weeks after treatment.


This is a procedure in which there is a low-level laser used to eliminate excess fat from problem areas of the body. Using a series of cold laser treatments, the sessions take under an hour and the cold laser permeates the skin and works to create fat cell membrane pores. The body is then able to remove the fat more easily. The Zerona treatment creates a pore that is transitory, so that the fatty substance in the cells is able to seep out of the ruptured membrane much more easily. Usually, six sessions within two weeks time is sufficient to create a desired result.


This is a type of laser lipolysis which is part of a growing number of treatments that have flooded the market of late as the demand for non-invasive, safe and convenient procedures grow. This treatment uses low level lasers to liquefy fat and to remove it from the body. It doesn’t use a cannula (like liposuction) and the fat is removed by the body’s own mechanisms. Treatment pads are applied to the body and bring about a chemical signal which alters the cell’s chemistry and causes the fats to break down. These fats are then released through the fat cell membranes in the body. This treatment requires about eight sessions to be effective.


This is another FDA approved facial treatment which tightens up and tones loose skin. It delivers body and face contouring with a relatively short recovery period. This treatment uses radiofrequency technology to tighten and to contour the skin. This procedure only requires one treatment and the goal is to get great results with just one session.

VelaShape II

This is a non-invasive lipo removal treatment that uses bipolar radiofrequency, infrared, mechanical massage and vacuum pump technology to remove fat. The process aims to break down fat and to promote the removal of fat through the cell membranes.

I hope that you have found this short piece looking at various types of non-surgical fat removal helpful and that you manage to find the right solution for you.

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