4 Signs You Should Get Your Hearing Checked

When is the last time you got your hearing checked? As hearing loss can often be a gradual process, many people don’t even notice when their hearing is starting to go. But early checks can help prepare you with the information you need to combat future hearing loss and keep your ears in check.

Many specialists such as Independent Hearing Solutions offer quick and easy hearing tests online so getting your hearing checked is easier than ever. Hearing aid technologies have also advanced and modern devices are discreet and highly effective. Read on for some signs you should get your hearing checked.


  1. Trouble Following Conversations

If talks with friends and family contain an inordinate amount of “what?” and “can you repeat that?” thrown in, it’s probably time to get your hearing checked. Poor hearing can often cause a lot of frustration and repeated sentences during conversation. If you’re finding it harder and harder to hear people talk, it’s a good sign that your hearing could be affected.

Many people suffering from hearing loss will often finish conversations not understanding the topics and would rather miss out than have people repeat themselves. By sorting out any hearing issues, you can be up to date with every conversation and avoid the requests to repeat sentences that can be frustrating for both parties. If people also claim that you talk too loudly during conversations, it could be another potential sign of hearing loss.

  1. You’re Over 55

Once you reach the age of 55, it becomes very important to stay on top of your hearing. Age can often be a big factor in hearing loss but by identifying potential issues early, you can help slow this process.

It’s a good idea to get your hearing tested every year from age 55 onwards. It might seem like a lot but just a few minutes a year to keep on top of something as important as hearing will be well worth it. Identifying issues early allows you to be better prepared to look after your hearing as you enter the later years of your life.

  1. You Have Ringing In Your Ears

There is an old joke that goes “If you find your ears are ringing, then you better answer them”. However, tinnitus is a serious condition that can be identified by constant ringing, sounds and other noises in your ears that aren’t caused by external sounds.

If you’ve noticed a constant noise or ringing in your ears, no matter how loud or soft, it’s a good idea to get your hearing checked or see a doctor. Tinnitus can be a large nuisance for some people while others barely notice it. Either way, it’s a good idea to see an expert or get tested if you have your suspicions.


  1. You Have The Volume Up High

If people are commenting how loud you listen to the television, it’s a sign of potential hearing loss. While you can buy headphones that allow you to listen to the TV at your own volume, it’s also a good chance to get a proper diagnosis.

While hearing loss is gradual, don’t regret not stopping it early. A quick hearing test takes just a small amount of time but can make a big difference. By getting in early, you can be more aware of your options and look at potential solutions to keep your hearing in check long into the future.

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