5 Reasons to Invest in a Great Website For Your Company

In the digital age there’s no excuse for not having a website, yet not all websites are created equal. Some are little more than a digital brochure, while others are just one-size-fits-all templates without the functionality you need in 2016. And then there are many that just look plain ugly. There are more than a few reasons why every business should consider investing in a quality website tailored to the needs of their customer. Here are 5 big ones.


  1. Allow Your Website to Be Viewed on All Devices

In the last few years, web traffic from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets has rivalled or even beaten desktop traffic in some categories. Websites that are only built for desktops may not appear correctly on mobile screens, and search engines like Google may even omit them from search result pages for mobile searches. A responsive design will allow your business website to be formatted neatly no matter the screen size. This is something that is becoming increasingly important for businesses wanting to grab the attention of customers while they’re on the go.

  1. Send the Right Impression

While you may have been able to get away with a basic site 10 years ago, increasingly savvy customers now expect a professional looking design. You only have seconds to make an impression before visitors hit the ‘back’ button and visit one of your competitors. This means a visually impressive design with the right information and a logical layout is a must if you want to compete in the online space. A good website created with the help of a design studio or agency such as 4040 Creative can create the right branding and help a business develop their online identity.

  1. Allow Yourself to Update Information As Needed

Good websites should include a built-in CMS (content management system) allowing you to blog, add new pages to the site, and edit and update content as necessary. A website is an important channel to communicate with your customers and other stakeholders. This makes it important
that any content that needs to be changed or added can be done without knowledge of coding and other development specifics.

  1. Bring in Extra Business

Even if your business is primarily local and/or a bricks and mortar establishment, customers use the internet like they used to use phone books. If you have a reputable looking site and onsite content that meets their needs, they’ll probably choose you over your competitors when choosing a company to give their business. And if you don’t have a website at all, you’ll miss out on new business completely from people searching for your services online.


  1. Superpower Customer Service

Modern websites now come with a range of functionality that can improve the way you do business with customers. Whether it’s a live chat function to answer questions and provide product support, online shopping for added convenience, or even interactive videos to explain products and services, a good website that gives people what they need is a powerful way to boost customer service. Also, good business websites work 24/7, so they can open up business opportunities around the globe.

Quality websites are a must-have for any business owner wanting to reach customers online and grow their business in an ever-competitive digital space.

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