Factors to Consider when Moving Offices

There are a number of factors to take into account when searching for a new office space for rent, as it is an especially important part of your business. Your business can be affected by your business’ environment, as it can directly impact how your business is perceived and how your company operates. Therefore it is important to consider a number of factors when looking at business locations.

The below factors are the most crucial in the consideration process, therefore before you look at offices in person, it is beneficial to take these factors into your thought process.

Location, location, location.
Office location
One of the most famous sayings, is ‘location, location, location’, which is why this is number one our list. The location of your business can have a great impact on your business, as it can affect your clients and your employees, and have a direct impact on the success of your company. Your clients need to be able to easily access your products or services, which is why you should look at where your clients/customers are located, and confirm whether the office will be problematic for them to reach. With this in mind, as a business owner you should also consider this for your employees. A long and costly commute can also affect your staffs morale and dedication to the role. A good location with links to public transport are easy to find, however it is also important to look at the surrounding amenities to the office. Is there a cafe or dehli close by to allow refreshments for meetings to be purchased? Are there fitness centres for your employees to access? And most importantly is there a good coffee place nearby? As all these things can contribute to how peppy your employees and clients are.

The Price
Second to location by only a fraction is price, as this is a huge reason for choosing one office over another. Locking your business into a rental contract is a financial decision not to be taken lightly. Therefore it is paramount that you forecast your projected profits and consider how much you can afford to pay for your office space. As it is all well and good choosing a cheaper office space, however if this negatively affects your business productivity or morale then this is can be costly in other ways. You want to make sure that your clients are happy to spend time in your office, and so are your employees. However, on the other side of things you also need to make sure you are not over stretching your finances by committing to an office space over and above your abilities. When comparing different business environments, also make sure that there are not any additional costs, as these can quickly add up.

Size really does matter
When looking for a new place for your business to call home, size also should be considered. This is because you not only need to look at your requirements now, but also where you may be in 6 months, 1 year and possibly even 3 years time in terms of growth. Your office space is an investment, and you want to be able to make the most out of it, without having to move again in the coming months, as this can be unsettling for all aspects of a business. Space for employees, storage and adequate meeting rooms, are areas which should be thought about when moving offices. Communal spaces are often an area that businesses forget about when looking at rental spaces. A place for your employees to socialise during their lunch breaks is certainly always a good investment, as a workforce that can communicate well and can enjoy eachothers company will only strengthen your business.

Once you have considered these three factors it will allow you to filter your choices before you venture out and actively look at the properties in your consideration set. Thus narrowing down the time it takes to find a new office space, and in turn freeing up your precious time to concentrate on other areas of your business and its growth.

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