4 Essentials for Your Family Hiking Trip

In a world full of phones, televisions and tablets, we sometimes forget to go outside and have fun as a family. There are few better ways to spend time outside away from stress and technology than to go on a hike. Hikes are enjoyable for all members of the family, from the family dog to the tiny baby held by mum or dad. Here are 4 essentials to make your next family hiking trip a success.

  1. Have a healthy, filling breakfast

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, especially if you’re getting out and about and being active for the better part of the day. Whether you’re staying close to home or heading out on a full day trip to go on your hike, your whole family will stay energised and happy if they start their day with a healthy, filling breakfast. Meals with a lot of carbohydrates will keep even the most intense hiker full for the entire morning – try something like oatmeal with fruit!


  1. Good shoes with orthotic insoles

Before you even step foot outside your house, consider the needs of your feet, ankles, knees and back and how your shoes might affect how well you can perform on your hike. Whether you have flat feet, over-pronate or roll your ankles, these things can at the very least make walking – especially on uneven ground – very unpleasant. While you’re thinking about your own feet, don’t forget your kid’s shoes. Children bounce back easier than adults but can still suffer from a lack of alignment in the spine or over-pronating feet without realising what is causing the pain. Companies like Footlogics sells orthotics that work in a variety of shoe types for men, women and children so every member of the family can walk without pain.

  1. Items to help your family stay safe

You may just be going an hour down the road to your local, well-travelled mountain track or rainforest walk, but emergencies can happen anytime. It’s important to travel safe and be prepared, especially if you have children with you. Important items include at least one fully-charged mobile phone, a light source (even if you’re going during the day) and a first-aid kit in case of scrapes and blisters. If your trek is long enough, a map may also be useful in case you need to get back as fast as possible. If you plan to stay out a long time, extra sunscreen, water and healthy snacks are also recommended.


  1. Games to play on the hike

Sometimes a hike can seem a little long to younger kids. Bring plenty of games you might play on a regular car trip along with you to get the kids involved in the trek. By keeping everyone’s minds occupied, harder parts of the walk will seem easier and go by faster, which means everyone can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Have you taken your family on a hike before? What essentials would you add to the list?

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