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Ways to Improve Your Store’s Kerb Appeal

When you’re thinking about how to attract customers into your store, don’t overlook your own storefront. ‘Kerb appeal’ is more than just a buzzword used to sell houses; it can increase the foot traffic in your store.

Kerb appeal refers to the attractiveness of your business when seen from the street. But, when shoppers are walking past your storefront, you only have seconds to make a good first impression. Follow these three simple tips to improve your kerb appeal and entice new customers to walk into your store.

Invest in Quality Window Displays

The first thing customers are likely to look at when walking past your store are the window displays. A good display needs to be more than just neat and tidy; it needs personality. A beautiful window display that highlights both the products you offer and the quality of your brand is a vital ingredient in your store’s kerb appeal, and that’s where expert shopfitters can make all the difference. Is your brand chic and pared-back, cheerful and bright, or creative and natural? Specialist companies like TU projects provide custom-made joinery and design services to ensure the quality and unique personality of your brand is reflected in your window displays, signage, and throughout the interior of your store.

Pay Attention to the Signs

Signs are an integral part of your store’s kerb appeal. Signage should be attractive and match the style and theme of your store. Signage is not just about looks; it’s about communication. If your store name doesn’t clearly communicate the type of products you sell, adding graphic elements to your signs (such as pictures of a teddy and a ball for a toy store) will communicate more clearly to your customers. Overhead, hanging signs and signs on shop windows are the easiest to spot; however, adding a cheerful sandwich board on the footpath is another great way to increase your kerb appeal and grab even more attention for your store. Just be sure your sandwich board is attractive and matches the style of your store.

Clean up Your Act

Cleanliness is part of your kerb appeal. It’s important you take the time to maintain your shopfront. Some tasks like keeping the exterior paint looking fresh and replacing faded signage can be done once or twice a year. But daily maintenance is equally important; cleaning fingerprints from windows and sweeping away litter and leaves before you open for business will keep your store looking neat and tidy, maximising your kerb appeal.

If a customer sees a product they like in the window and comes inside to buy it, you can thank your window display. If a need your customer has is reflected in your store name and they walk on in, you can thank your signage. But it is your store’s kerb appeal overall that seals the deal. If your window display is unattractive, your signage unclear and unappealing, or your store fitout doesn’t reflect your brand, you’ll find potential customers just pass you by. Turn those pedestrians into customers by maximising the kerb appeal of your store.


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