Five Tips To Fit Fitness into Your Work Day!

Trying to stay fit in a modern work environment that means we all spend more and more of our days sitting on our tooshies can be trouble at the best of times, and near impossible at the worst.

However, the fact of the matter is that with the rise of cheaper, more friendly fitness centres, as well as simple fitness solutions that require absolutely no equipment, having an active life may not be as time-consuming, or as difficult, as you might think. Here are five ways to make sure your tooshie doesn’t mould to the shape of your office chair.

An Early Morning Effort
Let’s face it, getting up early isn’t something most people like to do. That being said, if your job is the typical 9 to 5 sort of business, then you’re probably not getting up much earlier than seven. And if that’s the case, then what’s wrong with getting up at 6?

It’s amazing what you’ll be able to fit into that extra hour you’ve just bought yourself in the morning, whether it’s a jog around the block or yoga at the gym, exercise in the morning has been shown to not only keep you healthy, but also improve your alertness and productivity for the day to come. Also, if you exercise before breakfast, you’re generally burning off the calories in your fat stores, rather than from the food you’ve been eating. A quick shower and a spray of deodorant later and not only will you have fit in exercise, but you’ll be doubly ready for the day to come.

A Night-time Foray
People may look at you weird when you bring a backpack or a duffel bag to push under your desk at work, but I’m sure they’ll understand once you tell them the reason why: you’re going to the gym after work. Though there are fewer benefits for your day by doing exercise after work (you can’t exactly have a more productive bedtime), exercise is exercise. Going to the gym after work is generally more convenient as there are usually plenty of gym options in an area where businesses have decided to plop down their offices. So you’ll be able to be in, out, and home as quickly and as efficiently as can be, whether your work out is thirty minutes or two hours long.

Of course, if gyms aren’t for you, there’s always the great pleasure of a night-time jog. Nothing ever feels quite as invigorating as jogging through streets that are usually busy and seeing your neighbourhood as it would be if it were empty.

A Stolen Thirty
If you feel to pressed for time before and after work, then I encourage you to look at how your days pan out over the course of the week. You don’t need to exercise every day, but 4-5 times a week would probably be best for you.

The key is then to find a patch of time where you do have about a half hour free, and you must then commit to using that half hour for some fitness. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing jump rope in front of the television or if you’ve found a broom closet to do push-ups in during your lunch break, sneaking exercise in when you can can only be a good thing.

A Leisurely Amble
With regards to that thirty minutes of free time, maybe you don’t want to exercise during that patch as it’s one of the only times you truly get to relax and just think quietly for a few moments. Well then, walking is the exercise for you! There’s nothing more cathartic than going for a walk. Put some headphones on and play the music that best suits your mood, and you’ll soon find yourself not only exercising, but your mind will also wander and relax. Two birds on stone.

Taking A Stand
Speaking of violent, anti-avian proverbs, there’s another easy to way to make sure your days are slightly better for the overall shape of your tooshie, and that’s by standing at your office desk. Use some books to prop up your monitor, and you’re good to go. The benefits of standing are plenty, but you’re also fighting against the negatives of sitting at the same time. Your posture and leg-strength will improve, while you’ll be avoiding the back problems many people who sit in chairs all day eventually suffer from.

It’s time to take a stand.

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